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    Anyone else interview for FNP at UAMS for spring 2017? Any info about class size etc?

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    Just got my email to schedule interview at UAMS for the FNP program starting January 2016. Anyone else interviewing? Anyone know anything about the interview process? Class size, etc?

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    I was charged with a DUI in 2008 (I was an elementary school teacher)...enrolled in nursing school in 2010. Will grad. in May 2012. Have been sweating out the licensing stuff not knowing if I would be able to get a license/sit for exams. Just found out I am good to go! FYI--I was honest with the BON and admitted/apologized for everything.

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    I received a DUI in 2008 and have been worried sick about it since Jan. I never thought a DUI could be a problem since I got it when I was teaching school and was able to renew my license with no problem. I sent in my app to the board of nursing with my statement and all court documents. I stated the facts about how I messed up and will never do it again. Just found out the other day that it had been signed off on and won't be a problem!!!!! Don't despair! It might be OK!!!