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    OMG...letters are going out...(Ahhhhh) ppl have started to receive them!!!!!!!!

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    Question for former nursing students, current ones, or anyone who may have information......I am thinking about doing a Kaplan or Hurst review (for my own piece of mind), before I can take the boards. Have you had experience with either and which would you recommend?? Please if you can ask your friends opinions that would be great!! **12 weeks left**

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    Quote from FutureRN,CNM
    Well, a couple weeks ago I applied to a Inexperienced Nursing Assistant position at Beaumont Troy. After 2 interviews I got the job!! This will be my first job as a NA. I understand how lucky and blessed I am to have gotten into a hospital. I was expecting to work in LTC first. I'm so excited and ready, yet nervous. Any advise from experienced Nursing Assistants and Nurses?
    I am currently doing my Medical/Surgical rotation there on the ortho floor. I love it there =)

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    Quote from EmilyEmily

    don't you have to take the hesi to get admitted?
    Yes, you do! The current students who are in the program did not have to take the HESI. This is a new requirement! Now, in regards to your question, I've heard good things about Kaplan study guides. Good luck to you!

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    Quote from aarin80
    Hello all and welcome....

    This is a posting for all who are applying to Oakland Community College Nursing Program for the fall of 2014 (program start date).

    Ask questions and post information...

    So... Here is the first question. Correct me if I am wrong, the HESI exam has to be done be December 15, 2013, this is the deadline to apply. If someone know for certain, please post.

    I am waiting for my transcript from WSU to be evaluated by OCC so I can make an appointment with a career counselor to obtain an official checklist.

    I will be posting soon, I hope you do too!
    Yes! You are correct, everything has to be completed by Dec 15th 2013. Have you attended the Nursing orientation?? I am currently in the program and graduate April 2014. Good luck to you. If you have any further questions, please contact me. I will assist you with what I can.

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    I love clinical, it's where you get to shine, you get to put everything you've learned so far together. The first day is always a little intimidating, but after a hour or so you start to feel good! My first clinical is where I had my "OMG, I actually feel like a nurse." The floor nurses usually are pretty busy, so after I was done w/ my morning VS and assessments, I would follow her around like a lost puppy dog. I wanted to be in on everything, it shows them you really want to learn!!! Good luck

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    Quote from Compassion_x
    I sprained my knee while skiing on New Years Day. I've had x-rays so I know I didn't break anything, but I haven't yet had an MRI so I'm not sure yet if I've torn anything.

    Anyways, I am worried about clinicals! When I went to the ER (I was out of town), the doctor gave me a work excuse for 1-2 weeks, until I see my own doctor, which says "no prolonged standing, bending, lifting, or walking without crutches for 1-2 weeks." When I see my own regular doctor I might need more time.

    Clinicals start on the 17th, so by then it will be a little over 2 weeks since my injury. I'm really worried about how I'm going to be able to complete clinicals in the shape I'm in.
    Has anyone else had this experience??
    We had a girl in our program get kicked out, because of a broken leg. Granted school hadn't started yet, we were 6 weeks away. The DON said she had to be off the crutches before clinical's began, and she wasn't good news was she had a spot held for her for the following year.

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    Quote from TinkerBell2002
    How did everyone semester go?
    Do you know what classes you're taking next?
    I just finished up my first nursing class w/ an "A" up next is OB, then Psych! Med Surg 1 in summer 1. So far so good

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    Quote from brodygirl
    Allright fellow 1st years, current 2nd years and graduates still checking in, how do I improve my short term memory? Honestly, while taking bp by the time I get the diastolic, I can't remember the systolic (same thing when I take radial pulse, then resp's - can't remember pulse, only resp). Probably stress and nerve-related but I feel like I'm losing my mind. We have our vital sign GAS next week and I'm so afraid I'm going to blank. Any tips for me?
    Hey Brodygirl,
    What I do is when I get my systolic I say it out loud. That has really helped me. Also regarding the pulse and respirations I asked my lab instructor if we can separate the two and she said yes, so you can do radial pulse write it down and then do the respirations. They just want us to learn how to incorporate them together. So when we do the GAS, we can do it however we want

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    Quote from QuarterLife88
    From what I can recall, not too much. You'll sit in a large room (such as a student center) with the rest of the first year class, and you'll meet several nursing department heads. You'll most likely see a powerpoint show of what to expect the first year, how much time you can expect you'll need to put into the program to remain successful, and the breakdown of the 15 week schedule and how it's broken down into lab, theory, and clinical and how that specifically rotates out.

    You'll have a break in which you can purchase clinical supplies you'll need for the semester and info on how to order online. These items will be shipped to you before clinical starts in Oct. It's how I, and most people I know ordered our stethoscopes, penlights, bandage scissors, etc.

    They'll go over lab and what G.A.S. stands for and is. You'll also get a book list, and when you need to have each book by. For example, there's a contemporary nursing book that you need right away, but another book such as the psych book that you don't need until a few weeks in because of the reading assignment correlation. The book list is extensive, but all the books that you are going to purchase you will re-use for the rest of the program, so that is the bulk of it right there.

    They also discuss ACE passport and the modules you will need to complete. There's a $50 fee for ACE. You must complete and pass 3 modules before you can be assigned to clinical. Make sure you are cognizant of the due date of these modules and are compliant.

    I think that's about it, or at least the gist of it. It's not scary, and doesn't last more than a couple of hours...maybe 2 or 3 at most.

    They may also go over dress code for clinical. You'll get a folder with your name on it that has explanations for ACE login and your theory class schedule.

    Thank's so much!!! I really excited to get started!!

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    QuarterLife: what can we expect at the orientation???

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    My school only has one, which is mandatory and there are no make up of yet! Oh and did I forget to mention there will be 216 of us at one orientation...should be interesting, but anyways I'm super excited to go

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    Me toooo !!! Oakland community college, Waterford, Mi. Congrats to everyone

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    Quote from TinkerBell2002
    Did anyone do the liability insurance yet? I got a quote of 36.75 does that seem right?
    Yes, that's what the quoted me also.

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    Quote from whosurdaddy
    free printing at high oaks hall computer lab.............shhh......dont tell anyone. its the last place on campus that free to print
    by the way they usually dont give you the ppt's
    What about the Science lab?