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    Background: I have a B.S. degree with all pre-medical pre-requisities for either an NP or PA route. My first semester as an undergrad, I wanted to transfer and pursue nursing. Due to my family footing the bill and saying no, I didn't (There are a lot of shoulda, coulda, woulda's on this topic). So, I stuck with what I was doing and decided I could do the next best thing- PA school after I finish my undergraduate. I was doing really well in my classes, was really interested in chemistry, and wanted to pursue pharmacy instead. I worked at a retail pharmacy for a year, and planned on becoming a Pharm.D. But was really jealous of the nurses and doctors I talked to every day. I wanted to be on the front lines, not behind some counter. I was almost done with school, and still undecided on pharmacy, nursing, PA, so I finished up.

    Current: I applied to two schools for the next year: ABSN, and DE MSN (with full intention of working as an RN 2-5 years before practicing NP). I have graduated, am working as CNA right now to gain patient care experience, and learn humility. I have been accepted to both programs. I don't know why, but I'm not feeling a big pull for either. Should I go for the ABSN, DE MSN, or apply to PA school on a whim I might get in? My GPA is not a pre-med GPA, but my pre-req's are mostly As. I'm afraid if I don't take my spot in the DE MSN, I may not get into PA school for a while. I want to get going on this, as my boyfriend is waiting on me to find a school and place for us to settle down in. He just graduated too, and his field is flexible. Staying in WI is important to us. Moneys not a real issue, but I'm more frugal than most.

    Let me know if you need clarification. I have been reading these boards like crazy, and truly appreciate the good intentions and honesty of the posters.