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    I'm looking at the saunders app for android and the say fees review books....are they the same thing? Has anyone used that phone app? Is it worth $45?????

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    I have several months before the NCLEX, but I want to start studying now. I have all the ATI books and several "Incredibly easy" books...and want to use CramFighter, but they dont support half of the books I have and I dont have an apple product. Is there something similar for android?

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    I love my school! I have to say that some stuff is frustrating (some of the instructors aren't that awesome) but for the most part the instructors are passionate about what they are doing and are VERY good at teaching and explaining! Clinical sites are AWESOME and in general the atmosphere is GREAT! If you still have your SAT scores or ACT scores you can submit those and bypass the HESI, that's what I did. If you can't just take a ton of practice questions to pass the HESI. School has gone by SO FAST! The best advice I can give is to really STUDY during your pre-nursing classes. Anatomy, Physio and Patho will take you FAR if you can ace those classes, then the nursing classes themselves wont seem so hard! Email me at if you have any questions and you can always add me to twitter nursingmomof2 and ask anything there! Good luck!

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    Hello Group! My name is Sasha Ricci. Currently I am attending West Coast University in California. I graduate in August of this year!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! I am so excited! I am 30, married, two children and this is my second career! I can't believe after all this time I will finally have my BSN. I feel as if I have been in school forever, but it's only been about three years.

    Currently I am in a research class and have to do a survey, so I have decided to do a survey to find out what nurses feel is beneficial/detrimental to nursing students as far as the student's behavior is concerned. We have all been there and done that...either we are currently the student, or are now the teacher. If you all can take about 5-10 min to check out the survey for me, PLEASE!!!! Originally we wanted to do a qualitative study (interviews) as opposed to quantitative (surveys) however, we were told to do surveys so we are trying to get as many RNs as possible to fill this out! Thank you in advance! I look forward to checking out this forum and learning and networking.