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    Can u pls give me the title of that book again? I just started working for prison system after so many years of bedside rn. I need all the references and resources I can get to minimize mistakes and getting manipulated by my new client population.

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    I work in CA, 900 bed hospital. Our med surg tele units usually get 1:4 ratio but can go to 5 pts either nights or days. Hospitals can not go beyond 5 pts due to State law mandate. We get 3 cna's for 24 pts, 1 charge no assignment but helps out a lot. Ive been here for 12 year night shift and looking forward for more years. Even if we are not unionized, we owe CNA and the cali nurses for lobbying for the mandate and i hope it goes nationwide because it really saves a lot of pts, and a lot of nurses.

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