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  • Jul 8 '13

    Just a few many parts of the country, nursing jobs are scarce in this economy. Job security isn't a good reason to go into nursing at this time. Your physical health is of utmost importance and your back is...well sacred lol. If you are having back pain (especially when caring for only 2 pts for a few hours a couple times a week) you are doing something wrong. If you hurt your back you will not be able to do bedside nursing in a hospital. I have 7-8 pts 3 12.5 hour shifts a week and my back never hurts. And yes I do a lot of physical care on my pts. Make sure you ask for help if someone can't hold themselves over. You only have one back! Remember bend at the knees and broad base of support!! (Have feet shoulder width apart!). Hold the object you are lifting close to your body.

    One last thing. Realize you will not have the luxury of spending nearly as much 1:1 time with your pts as you do in clinicals, especially when you first start out. This does not make you a bad nurse. But your other 6 pts will be mad they haven't gotten their meds or will also have been incontinent or want something for pain, etc.

    Just some friendly suggestions!! Good luck in school!!!