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    It's crazy that the superstitious here work in a scientific field yet still believe that reality can be affected by speaking magical words such as "quiet". If mojo can actually heal or harm people, why bother with medicine at all? Give everyone a prayer and a chicken foot and send them home.

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    Unfortunately, sexual orientation isn't a federally protected class, so asking about it wouldn't be illegal. Some states, hospitals, cities, schools, etc., do include sexual orientation as a protected class, but not all.

    If this bugs you (and it should), here is some more information, including how people can make sexual orientation a protected group. Without it an employer can literally write "gay" across someone's termination papers.

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    Has anyone worked as a CNA while attending LPN classes? If so, what kinds of schedules did you work?

    I see hospitals and LTC job postings that state that CNAs may be required to work other shifts and days. So what does a CNA do when required to work a shift that conflicts with classes?

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    Ugh. I googled the career coach quoted in this stupid article. The guy's website says he's not a career coach, but a 'passion catalyst'. My soul is cringing.

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    I'm about to choose a family doctor in a new town where I'll be attending nursing school. Is there any reason why I should choose a doctor who doesn't work in one of the hospitals where I also hope to be working in a few years? There's not actually anything in my medical history that I think would negatively affect me professionally, but keeping personal and private separate seems a prudent rule. Perhaps I'm being overly cautious.

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    I think you'll only get the answers you're looking for by consulting a lawyer who specializes in employment law, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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    I have noticed a tendency for nurses here to express anxiety about suddenly losing their jobs, even their licenses, because of a mistake or even because of internal political decisions. Is this kind of fear of suddenly losing everything pervasive among nurses?

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    Have you considered seeing a counselor to resolve your issues with your mother? Maybe if you're able to resolve that conflict, your misogyny will be reduced, at least enough to work successfully with female nurses. Good luck.

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    I'm hoping to become a newbie, myself. Would working at a nursing home as a CNA for a year help get the training I need to survive being a newbie?

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    My understanding is that new nurses (recent graduates) are the most likely to leave the field. If true, why is this? Is it because they underestimated the job's demands?