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    Hi all-

    I was wondering if anyone is attending or has attended Edgewood College in Madison for their MSN. I'm currently a student at Bellin College looking to start in January of 2013. I would like to do the MSN in administration program. Your experiences with the program would be great as well as any info about how competitive the application process is. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Hello. I am a current student in Bellin's 15 month program. I started in June of 2011 and will graduate in October of 2012. I just finished my 4th of 7 blocks. To start out I love the program. Starting was a decision that I have never regretted. I'm 23 and do not have any children. My cohort ranges in age from 21-50. I believe 4 people have children. I know that for them having kids ads an extra challenge especially with time management. The days can be long, sometimes 6 + hours of class and clinical days are typically 8 hours + and start around 7 am or earlier. The in class days usually start at 8 am or 9 and typically end about 4 or earlier. We have had some classes that were in the evening until 8 and next block we have a clinical until 8:30 pm. Also because it is an accelerated program many weeks involve many tests, quizzes, and projects all due around the same time. It is expensive, and I have many loans. Prior to attending Bellin I completed my bachelors at Marquette University, so I have quite the debt from those years, too. The program is fast paced. You have 4 courses in every 8 week block. The first 2 blocks are just classroom courses and after that the blocks include 1-2 clinicals and 2-3 in class courses. Already having my degree in Biomedical Sciences has helped me immensely, and I know that for some of the other students who didn't have as rigorous of previous coursework it has been much more challenging and they have had to put in much more time and effort studying and learning the material. The instructors at Bellin are for the most part great. With any program you will always have a few that aren't quite as good as the others. Most are incredibly knowledgeable and actually good instructors. The cohorts are 24 people so the teachers get to know you and many of the instructors in the 15 month program teach multiple classes and instruct clinicals so you truly get to know them and they get to know the students as well. I just finished my second clinical. My first was at Bellin Hospital on the Ortho floor and the last was at Bellin Hospital on the Surgical floor. Next block I am at Aurora on the Cardiac floor and at Bellin Psych Center. I have had great experiences in clinical thus far. Overall I am extremely pleased with my experience r and really only have good things to say.