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  • Jun 17

    The ANCC has released the 4th edition of their PMHNP exam review book. It now has a few additional chapters covering research and policy, ethics etc. I HIGHLY recomend you get this book if you don't already have it. I used it plus fitzgerald. I eventually just focused in on the ANCC book, If you know this book, you will pass. I did not use boardvitals, I used the online practice tests available from the ANCC via the ana link on their website. The questions are very much like the exam.

  • Apr 10

    My solution was to vote with my feet. The only reason I have changed jobs a couple times is because of patient safety issues. I am not a shrinking violet, I opened my mouth and made my case to each person up to the DON. When I realized that no one is interested that the pt in room 15 falls out of bed EVERY NIGHT and if I could move her to the room RIGHT NEXT TO THE NURSING STATION, (instead of down at the end of the hallway) she might not get hurt all the time. Did they listen? Absolutely not. I am so furious with the people that are in charge in most of our healthcare facilities, it always comes down to money and sheer laziness.

    For what it's worth I am now working in a great unit and facility that actually gives a darn about their people and the patients. It's not perfect, but everyone is doing their best which is all you can ask for. And no, there is no union.

  • Apr 3

    I've never seen an NP dressed inappropriately that I can remember, they always looked very professional, that goes for the Dr.'s and PA's as well. I've seen far more inappropriately dressed RN's, LPN's, and CNA's.....slovenly looking in general or wearing childish scrubs in ICU, spray-painted scrubs, the list goes on and on. I also agree with the previous posts about administration wearing inappropriate dress too. .

  • Jan 18

    So I studied for a month straight, I did not work. I probably did about 4-6 hours solid each day, taking a lot of breaks. I've always studied hard like this for exams, so just study how you normally study, what works for you.

    I did the online Fitzgerald with the audio lectures. Her book is well organized, the audio is not so great, she goes off on useless tangents and anecdotes constantly. I was also unable to access the practice test unless I completed all the extra material on geriatric, cardiac, legal/ethical. I was pretty mad about that because I ignored that content until near the end because it was marked optional. It's not. You have to do ALL of it to get the practice exam. I wouldn't bother with her.

    I used mometrix book, secrets to the PMHNP exam from Amazon, it was fairly helpful for legal ethical stuff and just presented things in a different manner. I don't think it is a necessary addition though, plus there is no index to look specific things up.

    I basically memorized the ANCC book, and I happened to find out that there was a new edition right when I beagan cramming. Make sure you have the new 4th edition, as there is new content on the leadership/ethics/ management aspect. As I mentioned in a previous post, there is an exam taking strategies in the beginning which you HAVE to read and remember when taking the test.

    Know your leadership and practice content. Everything else is just a LOT of critical thinking, I felt like I really had to go back through everything I learned to get to the answer. I also recommend not spending too much time on a question, mark it and keep going. They give you four hours and used 3 hours and 50 minutes with going back over about 30 questions I marked. I am usuaay fast test taker so that was stressful.

    Long story short. Focus on the ANCC book only, it has what you need as long as you had a good program. Buy the online practice test from the link on the ANCC website, they are just like the exam questions, understand your weak areas and study them.

    Study well, stay focused in the exam and you will be fine.

  • Sep 19 '17

    Anyone who makes an 'SH' out of an 'S' shtrict instead of strict, or shtreet, instead of street. Drives. me. bonkers. What's worse is there is a radio DJ on the local station that talks like this with every 's' word. ugh. It's the little things that will get me in the end.

  • Sep 19 '17

    I have been offered and accepted a position in an ICU unit. My sneakers from school are wrecked at this point and I need to get something that will be supportive and comfy yet light. I am looking for your experiences with footwear for nursing. I am considering Dansko clogs, trainers, or walking shoes, the RN's on the unit wear all different shoes.....what shoes have you loved? Hated?