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    Quote from ChrisA
    oh yea,, ARNOLD go back to acting!!! leave us nurses alone!!!

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    Quote from arbley
    Go to for info on nearly everything you can think of pertaining to Critical Care nursing. Bob's site has the occasional misspelling, but he is the real deal and the information is good.
    yes i was going to write,, i went there and it has some interesting critical care stuff and even helps with titration tables..

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    Quote from hoolahan
    I have no sympathy for you whatsoever. Those patient's are being treated based on your falsifications. What if someone had a stroke because you didn't find out their BP was sky high, but you charted a normal one??!!

    I would have canned you the second I found out you made up a pulse ox of 96% when it was actually 80%.

    Shame on you. Get out of healthcare, you are scary!! I see things like this and Thank God my own doctor doesn't "trust" anyone to check his pt's vitals and does it himself!!!

    And this is a pwer trip to you? You need help! Please get some counseling. It is OK to be human, to not be able to complete all tasks safely if you don't have the time. It is OK to admit you need help, or you couldn't get something doen in the alotted time frame. That is far more acceptable. What you did is completely morally, and ethically unacceptable. Take an Ethics course for God's sake!!!
    AGREED TOTALLY!!!! :hatparty:

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    Quote from Tmontalvo
    Hi.. I am a medical assistant. Usually I am really good at this. But for, I am not sure what reason.. I have been making up blood pressures for babies, and children and also the oxygen levels of most patients... Yesterday I got caught. The patient had asked the nurse if someone was gonna take her childs b/p and o2. She said the assistant already did.. The mom was like, NO she didn't ... Then the nurse asked me if I did, I said yeah.. Big mistake.. I am not sure why I lied, or even made up the vitals in the 1st place.. Then today, I did the same thing.. I made up the 02 for a patient.. I put 96% and I guess the patient was admitted to the hospital recently, and needed 02 help.. So he was curious to see what it was.. When I had 96 he was like wow.. Then listening to his lungs, he decided to check it himself.. It was only 80%.. He hasn't said anything to me, but I heard him talking to his nurse, whi is somewhat my boss.. I am not sure what to say or even think... I just feel ashamed.. Especially thinking what are they thinking about me... Like that I am a bad worker.. And questioning my past work. What should I do to make this right.. I am not going to do that ANYMORE, and I will be making sure vitals are done on everyone. But what if I get asked about the situation what can I do or say????? Please help me..........
    its nice that you want to talk about this to us, but this is very SERIOUS and i hope you do realize that you can serious hurt a patients life by doing that and if you feel the need to make up things you need to go into a different profession.. just suppose no one came in to check that childs o2 and that child died , how would you of felt then??

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    Quote from SmilingBluEyes
    I am seriously quitting bedside nursing for many reasons but it boils down to one simple point:

    I can't be the nurse I entered the profession to be.

    Too many many constraints on my time at the bedside due to increasing paperwork (despite computerization of charting and med administration)----and too much verbal and passive-aggressive abuse from some physicians and certain coworkers----well, ya know what, it adds up to quite a bit of frustration and a block to my being the nurse I intended to. I am seriously considering my options nowadays. And very sad about this, as I truly love nursing..................

    the way it should be, anyhow.
    i agree wwith your statement,, i feel the same way, nursing is not the way it was and should be and for that i am really hating it and want to get out.. plus now with our poor staffing issues doesnt make our life any easier, they are pushing me and several other nurses to the door..

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    hi this is my first time with this site too, but this is great.. nurses need a good place to vent and people who understand... i work in so. fl hospital, iam an icu nurse.. i have been a nurse for 15 years...ive always loved nursing until the past couple of years.. we are always working short and treated like crap.. anyone else going through this????