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    I know.... it feels like a huge brick has been lifted off.... All your hard work and continuous dedication to study paid off. I am positive you will start working very soon that's if you haven't already had a job offer waiting for you...... Good luck to you as you begin this new phase as a registered nurse

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    Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!! you did it..... You are now officially a Registered nurse!!! whoo hoo

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    Quote from 2Sandals
    Hi everybody-

    I have only posted on this site a couple of times but I come here all the time to read advice and to get study tips. Today, I am happy to say that although I will still be logging on to this site, I will be doing so as an LPN and no longer as a student!!!!

    I had to take my NCLEX PN twice. I took it for the first time in November of 2011. I had it all planned that I was going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday because I was going to be able to celebrate with my family, the fact that I had passed the NCLEX PN. While we celebrated and gave thanks for everything we do have passing the NCLEX was not apart of that celebration because I failed the test. I honestly felt really bad for my family because they were more on edge than I was. I am blessed enough to have a super support system so my Mom and my sisters did everything they could to take my mind off of this test that I didn't pass.

    Needless to say, time went on, I mailed in the paperwork and my money, AGAIN. I started studying here and there and as the time got closer I got more intense and focused on what I was studying. When you fail the NCLEX, they send you this paper telling you whether you were above the passing standard, near it or below it. I was near the passing standard in all sections but 1. So, I used my Saunders CD, I got the Exam Cram book from the library and I got on Youtube. Oddly enough, Youtube has so many clips on there that will explain the pathophysiology of so many diseases. If there was something I didn't understand from reading my book, I logged on there, typed in what I wanted to know and something would come up on it. Anyway, I scheduled my test for March 13, 2012.

    I actually left the test feeling good. The first time I took the test, I had all 205 questions. This time, it cut me off at 122. It took me a little over 2 hours to take the exam. I had convinced myself that I was going to be cool, calm and collected. I wasn't going to try the PVT. I was going to be patient and wait until the next day to get my results. That thought process lasted all of 4 hours. lol. Before I knew it, I was on the Pearson Vue page trying the trick. I couldn't help myself. My heart was beating and I honestly felt ill. What if the credit card page popped up? I put in my info and I got the good pop up. Of course, even when I got it, I was like, what if this is wrong? What if I really didn't pass? So, March 14th comes and I get to work and I log into my work computer and yes, I logged into The Ohio Board of Nursing site (I swear, I am a good employee but I just had to get on the internet today to check this). I get to work at 7am so from that time until about 1:30 pm I kept checking. The last time I checked, it took my breath away. I saw my license number and I saw that my license was in ACTIVE status. I immediately sent text to my sisters and I went in the hallway to call my Mom to share the good news.

    I tell you all of this to say, if you do have to take it more than once, don't get discouraged, don't doubt what you know and keep trying. For anyone who believes in a higher power, pray. Ask for peace and direction and thank God in advance for giving you victory. Lastly, study the basics. If you know the basics of nursing, you can't go wrong. The basics will lead you to the correct answer even when you have a complicated question. You will be able to use your nursing knowledge and reasoning skills to get you to the right answer.

    So, congrats to everyone who has taken the NCLEX PN and passed it and for those who are still trying, stay positive, study, surround yourself with the right people and pray. If you do those things, you will pass. Good Luck!

    Congrats to you!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats to you!!!!! I wish you the very best!!!!

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    Goodluck nursiejulia on your exam today...... You have nailed this Nclex!!!!!!

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    Funny i got this question right but my rationale for picking the answer was different:

    Kaplan question on platelet transfusion:

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    Morning guys.....

    I have this week left to wrap up my prep... Here's my plan NewGoalRN;

    I have 500Qbank questions left to complete

    Monday: do 5 Qbank questions. Take a break then review each test.
    Review diagnostic exam and if possible Qtrainer 1 again

    Tues: Do Qtrainer 7 take a break and review test and also review Qtrainer 2 again

    Wed: do 3 NSCBN test and review questions. Take a break then review each test.
    Review Qtrainer 3,4 and 5 again.

    Thur: Complete 3 NSCBN test and review. Take a break then complete chap 2 of Lipp alternate format questions. before bed start reading lab values, med prefix/suffix and infection control notes

    Friday: complete 4NSCBN test and review. take a break and complete chap 3 of lipp alternate format questions. I really suck on SATA. If possible review Qtrainer 6 and readiness again.

    Sat: complete 4NSCBN test and review. take a break and complete chap 4 and 6 of lipp alternate format questions. Retake Qtrainer 1-3

    Sun: review 35pgs of nclex review notes I found here. review lab values, therapeutic levels, meds, infection control. Do 5 NSCBN test and review, read chap 5 of lipp alternate format questions and retake qtrainer 6.

    Mon: Retake qtrainer 7 and some NSCBN questions. Complete chap 7 on lipp alternate questions.... and review some lab and therapeutic levels and infection control. Evening time go for a prayer meeting, or movies, have some fun and put all books away by 5 or 6pm.

    Tues: Wake up an do some relaxation and morning praise and worship. eat a healthy filling but no heavy food. leave house 3hrs early and go to center. Walk around for 20-30mins to wake me up n get some blood flowing since I might be there for a while. Then go take the test!!!!!!!!!!

    You know all this past week I have panicked, thought about changing my date every min, cried, couldn't sleep for 3nights straight. Then I spoke to my friend and he told me the say thing I had told him earlier, encouraged me and then said Nclex feeds on our fears and anxiety. If you got through school, then Nclex is doable. Its just a test but doesn't mean you are not smart or can't perform if you fail the test. It isn't about how many times you take it but the drive you have to want to be something you know you can be "a nurse"......

    Mark 4 says after Jesus rebuked the wind and addressed his disciples "Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?"

    This is how I felt for the whole past week.... but I have reclaimed my faith because we accept God's gift by faith but not by good deed alone (one can't know it all but we can do our possible best to be well rounded to provide optimal care for our patients) and I do believe that with the grace of GOD we have excelled and passed the Nclex exam.. Hallelujah!!!!! Amen!!!!

    Good luck all of you and thank you so much NewGoalRN for starting this page.

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    Great job!!!! I like how you are keeping tract and sticking to your study goals.... I wish you well on your upcoming exam...... You have passed the nclex already!!!!!!!!!

    I test on the 19th of the month.....