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  • Mar 30 '12

    Sorry you're having such a rough time accomplishing your goal. However please keep in mind that NCLEX is based on minimum requirements so it will never be "leveled" (Dip vs. AD vs BN vs MS) until there are changes in our entry into practice that have different licensing processes & requirements for each level.

    National accreditation rules have established the baseline educational requirements for nursing programs but each school has the ability to layer on additional requirements that reflect the mission and values of that organization. For instance, if you attend a faith-based program, I can guarantee you'll have to have more ethics and religion credits. If you go to a school that is very 'science & research' oriented, you are probably going to encounter more math, science & research courses. This isn't just with nursing... my poor daughter had to have 6 hours of college math to get her BFA because that was the minimum math requirement for that university, no matter what major. (she survived, but barely).

    The 'level' of course is a big deal. There is definite difference between 200 and 400 courses - 500 and up are graduate level. You may also find that some classes 'expire' after a while, particularly science classes because either 1) they have discovered that students who took it more than X yrs ago don't remember the basics or 2) there are continuous new developments in the field.

    Bottom line - academia is not a democracy. The only pathway to success is just to jump through the hoops when they tell you to do so. We've all been there. Don't set your hoops on fire.

  • Mar 30 '12

    Quote from Kisses_RN
    Hi! I wanted to ask if any of you know if sign on bonus does still exist these days? I've heard some of the hospitals did offer quite huge amount (like $50,000 few years ago). I am so interested to grab any opportunity since I am already starting a family ( I was hoping to find around $20,000- $30,000 signon bonus because I also want to pay up the remaining student loan I have. Thank you so much!
    Yes, signing bonuses still exist.

    Unfortunately you need to be a lefty with a 95+ mph fastball and a nasty changeup to get one.

  • Mar 12 '12

    I will usually tell someone who has made an error like this in an interview why they did not get the position. In this case, I will call her in a day or two and let her know. I might have HR do it though, because I honestly don't know if I can talk to her without laughing. I was shocked at first, but my sense of humor is returning

  • Mar 12 '12

    if you know that you will be relocating to oregon after graduation, then apply for initial licensure there. if you are unsure about relocating, then apply for licensure in idaho. however,if you relocate to another state, and change your residency, regardless ofwhether it is a compact state or not, you will still need to apply for licensure in the new state.

    the nursing licensure compact works similar to a driver’s license. if you are licensed in a compact state, and are a legal resident of that state, your license will grant you multi-state privileges. you will retain multi-state privileges as long as you maintain residencyin that state. if you want to work in another compact state, then you are able to do so using your original license. however, if you want to work in a non-compact state, then you will need to apply for licensure in that state.

    if you relocate (and change yourlegal residency), and apply for licensure in that state, what happens to your original multi state license depends upon the state to which you moved. if you relocate to a non-compact state and apply for licensure, you will be granted a license by endorsement. when you report your change of address to the board of nursing in your original state, your original license will lose its multi-state privileges and become a single state license.

    if you relocate to another compact state, you can work on your original license for 30 days. however, you still need to apply for licensure by endorsement in your new state. furthermore, as you can only possess one license with multi-stateprivileges, when your new multi-state license is issued, your original nursing license will become inactive.