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    I thnk we offten overdo v/s. i work on a mdiecal unit. Often our patients have been there for months (placement probems). So I use common sense. I will not wake a stable patient to do v/s. Esecially if they are having problbems sleeping. . docs, in the hosptal I work at , don't order v/s. It's a nursing decision. And, my pc is soo messed up, im having trouble typing

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    I personally thought it was great to have had a few years of experience as an LPN (RPN here in canada) prior to getting my RN.
    I felt that I already had good organizational skills etc. So, it allowed me more time to focus on other things. I was already comfortable with patients and the basic care etc. I worked in the same hospital as an LPN as I do now as an RN. Its an acute medical floor. I think that also helped because I was very comfortable in this setting, knew where everything was, and all that.
    I had a teacher tell me once, that the best RN students she has ever had, had been LPN's returning to school.
    Good luck in your future!

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    1. RN
    2. 2 yrs
    3. medical
    4. $23.61/hr
    I work one part time position and another prn, both med.
    Made about 40,000 last year......Canadian
    70 cents charge pay, shift diffs around 1.35/hr.

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    Originally posted by PerkyCardiacRN
    I can problem. Worked 4 years with vented/trached pts.

    Just keep the eyeballs away from me...especially the prostetic (sp?) ones.

    Ewww, that has to be the worst. Not much bugs me..but taking out someone's prosthetic eyeball and dropping it in a denture cup for the night just gets me.

  • 0 too. Worked a bunch of nights..and discovered I had missed a med I was supposed to give to my pt the night before.
    I totally agree with the rest of u.....i couldn't live with myself if i hid my mistakes. But, I hate to say it.....i have seen many do it.

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    I graduated almost 3 yrs ago...and have been working on a medical unit since then. I started there for the same reasons u are considering....experience. I have learned tons...gained lots of skills. I'm still trying to decide if i really want to specialize in another area...or just stay where i am. I am in it's likely different here. On days we have 4 pts, evenings 5 and nights 8. 8 on days would be hell...but on nights u can usually count on at least SOME of your pts sleeping thru the night!
    Anyway.....its different everywhere I check it out.
    Good luck!

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    Ok, so maybe this sounds a little insensitive....but it was funny at the
    My patient died at midnight....the doc...who was expecting it, as was the family.......told me he would come in in the morning and pronounce. OK, I work in a hospital with NO air conditioning and its the middle of the summer. So, thankfully, the man is in a private room. We shut the the window and wait for morning. The LPN i was working with decided to play a little joke on me. She sneaks into the room and rings the call bell, then runs off down the
    Of course i freak....wondering how the hell the call bell can be ringing from that room.....
    Anyway to make a long story short , i found her hiding in another patients room. sounds pretty pathetic...but hey no one knew ....LOl.

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    I was an RPN (LPN, LVN) before I was an while i was in school, i worked in the same hospital i was doing my clinical in......which was nice. When I did my RPN......i worked as a deli clerk in a grocery store..ick....