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    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    Ummmmmm I am a nurses Aide, in the state of PA and I work for the county and make $8.30/hr which i consider peanuts LOL
    If you work for staff relief being a nurses aide you get $11/hr on weekdays $12/hr on Saturday and $13/hr on Sunday's and holidays
    Sounds better to be into staff relief to me!

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    Some of the things you nurses say about Aides, Makes me sick! Hey actually in case you didn't know most aides seem to know more than nurses, and it's just me but I think it's pretty sad that Nurses make more money than aides....Hey I can pass pills everything you need to know about what medication to give is written down on a piece of paper and everything is in a compartment with their name on it...oh that is so hard! I lift those heavy people all day long making sure thier pants are changed and they look nice and presentable for the day.........I am around them far more than, If anyone is to notice a behavior or a problem it would be me the Aide!
    SUPER AIDE!!!!!!! And think of how much more money the nurses make than aides....and most aides turned Nurses, don't seem to give a crap about aides anymore......the medical field is a cruel cruel thing!

    Originally posted by susnel:
    i am really unhappy to hear this because i am presently an aide and a nursing student. i hope that i always have sense enough to think before speaking. i just hope that this aide realized ALL of her mistakes in this situation and learned from them! sorry you had to go through this.

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