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    For the Math section you have to know all the problems the ATI book has within it. If you can answer those questions easy then you will be fine. I went online and got brush up's through you-tube and then I also found worksheets online with an answer key for the type of math I was having a hard time with. Understand Polynomials, percent increase/ decrease, algebra basics, inequalities, fractions (mixed numbers, adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying), roman numerals, basic metric conversions, proportions.

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    So Happy to say I passed the TEAS exam and I am scheduled to take my first class next month!!! Looks like I will be graduating in Dec of 2013. I know the next year and a half will be exciting and challenging but it is all worth it.

    My advice for anyone that is about to take the exam, get the ATI book, you need to understand all the concepts within reading, science and math. Science is very difficult and on the actual exam, to me, read like stereo instructions. Honestly I would not have been able to do it without that book. While the online ATI tests were useful, the test was much harder. It did not read the same and if you do not totally understand the concepts you will not be able to recognize what they are asking you. I studied for 3 solid weeks about 8 hrs daily, with breaks and I still was not able to score in the 90's, I was close. I am not saying someone can't do it but I am just cautioning those to take this seriously. At my school I only had 2 tries to pass and then I would have to wait 4 months before I could take it again. Out of the 15 people that showed up to take the exam only 6 were new students and 1 woman just got up and left in the middle of the exam due to the difficulty of the exam.

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    Dedicated2BaNurse12---Will you be going to Keiser? I am actually scheduled to take my exam on Saturday. Have you taken the online tests on the ATI website? I did and they helped me out a lot. After speaking with the admissions counslor the online practice test is almost exact (type of questions) that you will see on the actual test. My scores for Reading and grammar were really low in the beginning. I have been studying really hard off the book and getting lessons online thru you-tube. I have also been looking over different sites for tips on how to spot different texts for Identifying, with regards to reading. You can also research grammar worksheets with answers to self test online. I hope you do well.

    Grammar worksheet site to brush up on go to : Free English Grammar Exercises / Worksheets With Answers

    Math help go to Free Algebra 1 Worksheets This site is so good for brushing up on skills for math.

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    willowita- Thank you so much for your help. In my school I have to score a 56% on science, 75% on Math, 75% Reading, 70% in grammar. We are not required to score high in science due to not taking the pre-reqs first. I am almost there I took 2 practice tests in science and I am scoring 70 and 74%. Math I am on the button but I have a friend tutoring me with a few of the equations. My biggest thing will probably be English... i am going to brush up on that over the next 2 weeks and I should be good for the test. Thanks again and I will let you know how I do on the exam!!!

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    willowita--Thank you so much!! I am really good at that math now. I have been studying for a week straight and got all those type of problems figured out. Do you have any tips for the other portions of the exam... At my school we are required to score a 76 in Reading, 75 in Math, 56 in Science, and a 70 in English. I am going through the science portion now and boy oh boy is that tough. Not the concept just memorization. I am writing notes on the most important topics and concepts. Hopefully in 3 weeks I will be ready to take the test.

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    Can anyone that has already taken the exam let me know is the math portion of the test really difficult. I know there are a lot of fractions from what everyone is saying in this forum, but is it basic fractions? Like if I am familiar and good with basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division of fractions should I be ok? Are the fraction questions in the ATI study manual close to the equations I should see on the actual test. Thank you so much!!!!