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    Quote from stressgal
    You buy big, white, granny underwear in bulk for fear of not having a clean pair to wear under you attractive, thin, white scrub pants at clinical.

    You carry a bleach pen to remove coffee stains (from the 4am drive to clinicals) on those beautiful pants

    Your friends are planning a trip for spring break and you are planning on sleeping then getting a head start on next quarter's reading assignments.

    You pack more than one book bag for one day of classes because you cannot possibly fit everything you need in one.

    You own at least one backpack with wheels.

    Once a 4.0 student, your new motto is "C means Continue!"

    Beginning to talk to friends outside the nursing student circle and using slang like " prevents DNA replication of the virus", "the etiology is..", etc.
    At our school we use C=RN