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    I was a very disorganized SN, when in my clinical rotations until my clinical instructor showed me how to prioritize. Ask for some suggestions from your instructor. I personally would get a piece of paper and make times on the left hand margin then write next to the times what I felt should be done in that time. Of course don't over due it You can't expect to have AM care, meds and assessment for 4 patients done in 2 hours. First start off w/ repost, then take time to review necessary card -x to see what is required for this client, i.e TPR q/ 2h or what ever. Then assess, then any meds due.. Remember check hospital policy, most will let you have 1/2 hour before an 1/2 hour after actual time a med is due. But try not to get into the habit of giving meds 1/2 hour after due cause if an emergency arises then you may be sunk.
    If you need any additional suggestions email me and relax, have fun and DON"T be afraid to ask questions

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    I just graduated from nursing school with High Honors, have passed by NCLEX exam, and am now a Registered Professional Nurse! Yippie!!!
    Anyway, My family and I were considering relocating to North Carolina. My first question is, Will my Licensure in NY State be accepted in North Carolina or do I have to retest. Secondly, The area we are considering is around Badin/ Albemarle, NC, How are the Nursing opportunities in that area?

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