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    I work in a residential chemical dependency facility as RN staff. Recently, two LPN's were promoted to supervisory positions, even though there are several RN's on staff available for this promotion. Are LPN's legally allowed to work in supervisory roles presiding over RN's? I am questioning whether LPN's may even act as a supervisor.

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    I work in a residential chemical dependency facility. We are "old school" and do not use computerized medication administration, nor do we have an on-site pharmacy. There are many times especially off shifts and weekends that we lack the meds needed for that med pass. In those cases, at times the nurses have "borrowed" the needed med from another patient's bin that was receiving the same med. I was told that this was "diversion" and "beyond the nurses scope of practice" as it indicated the nurse "prescribing" a med and "illegal" because meds would be taken from a person prescribed that med and given to another person. Any thoughts? This practice has gone on as long as I have been a nurse (33 years) mainly in nursing homes and residential facilities.