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    Sent off my transcripts and the application packet for the FALL 2006 start date in the MSN Psych/Mental Health CNS/NP tract. I not sure that I am going to be selected. I feel so NERVOUS!! Anyone else out there doing this program?? I am a stay at home mom of three young kids. I have been "out of nursing" so to speak for over 4 years now. I so eager to go back into the educational world. Email any tips or pointers if you got some for me! Looking forward to getting to know the folks on the boards.

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    Quote from Nav94
    I am entering the nursing field this Fall of 2005. I am interested in the flight nurse area and I was wondering what classes a nursing student must take to head down the path for flight nurse. I live in Ohio around Columbus. I already have my Bachelors in Science but I want a career change. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.
    Try military nursing. You can enter their flight nursing program.

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    Hi there! My husband is an active duty Air Force nurse. The military (Army, Navy, and Air Force) offer full-boat scholarships to nursing students in exchange for time in service (usually four years). The Veterans Administration hospitals and the Indian Health Service also offer scholarships in exchange for time. I worked as an RN at the VA and the benefits cannot be beat. Of course, the military benefits are the best by far. My husband loves military nursing...very professional and his masters will be paid for in full courtesy of Uncle Sam.

    I am not a recruiter or government employer pusher by any means, but we have had a good experience going that route.

    Hope this info helps some! Good luck to your daughter.

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    Quote from bukko
    I started working toward a masters with the University of Phoenix last spring while I was sidelined for four months with a broken hip (bicycle crash riding to work). I did some due diligence checking out UoP's rep. HR and bosses at my hospital had no awareness of it, but at an info session on the University of California's nursing master's program that I attended, the profs did not criticize the online degrees. If the competition wouldn't badmouth it, I figured it must be OK. I have a cousin who got a nursing masters through them online and she liked it, although she's not using the degree to move into management.

    I signed up and took four classes. Got A's and B's in all. But I dropped out. In part, it was because the University of Phoenix classes were too easy. I found that I could B.S. my way through them (I'm a good and that I wasn't actually learning much. The readings were OK, but I could pass without actually reading them. It wasn't like a formal classroom with lectures and tests where I'd have to prove what I knew. I wasn't getting $1,200 worth of knowledge from each course, and that's what I was paying from my own pocket. My classmates and the theachers were pleasant, but it was like a glorified chat room where you periodically had to chip in with a PowerPoint presentation. So I ditched it instead of investing more than $20,000 and two years to get a set of initials to put after my name but not that much learning in my brain.

    I have heard from SEVERAL people that they had no problem receiving high grades at all either. But, when you come to think about it, UofP is completely for profit so I guess it does them no good to flunk out their students. I went through a highly competitive undergraduate BSN program and the professors had no problem flunking out students who couldn't handle the curriculum. I definitely don't want to do UofP is I can BS my way through (I am a good BSer too). I will probably do the nurse practitioner least that way I have to actually pass a board that proves I know something. Thanks for the input.

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    Spazbeanie - where are you at in Japan? Hubby and I were stationed (I was in the Navy, he Air Force) at Yokota AB and we both worked at FEN-Tokyo from 79 to 82. We got married in the chapel there and had our first son at the hospital. I have wonderful memories of Japan. So far I have not encountered any bias towards my UofP degree. However, I truly respect llg and believe her when she says her friend has encountered bias.

    Just hanging out here in Misawa!! Hubby is in the med-group. I figured the masters would be a great thing to do while we are here. Just got back from Tokyo yesterday. We are making great memories here too!! Thanks for the UofP info.

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    I appreciate your insight. I, myself, am a bit skeptical about the whole "online education" hence that is why I wrote my original post. Un of Phoenix is a pricey, private and for profit school. I am trying to get as many opinions as possible before enrolling. If the curriculum is indeed hard and demanding, I sure would want to be rewarded for it and not looked down upon because the school is online. I know we are still in the trial stages of online education. Anyone out there with an online MSN come across any bias? Or, is there anyone out there that had success securing a leadership job with their online MSN? Suggestions, advice, insight welcomed!

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    Thanks so much for the info. That really helps, especially if I plan on sinking a TON of money into the program! Hanging out over here in Japan and I figured I might as well get back into school. What exactly is the nursing practicum I am reading about, along with the clinical hours? Write me at your convenience ( I appreciate any info especially since you are in the program. Thanks again!


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    I am a firm believer in gettings ones "hands dirty." I never respected advanced practice or graduate degreed nurses who never did their time in the field. I graduated with my BSN in 97 and I am now just looking at going back to school. Try and at least get a couple of years under your belt before heading back to school. That is my advice, at least. Best of luck.

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    Hi all! Graduated with my BSN in 97 from a brick and mortar university. Seriously looking into the MSN option through University of Phoenix which is entirely online. My question is this.... Does anyone know just how reputable this degree really is?? I know the university is NLN accredited, but will a future employer think highly of an "online" master's degree? Any advice, input, or experience would really help me out. I am a military wife hanging out here overseas, so a brick and mortar school really isn't an option right now. I currently stay home with my kiddos, but will go back as a reentry staff nurse with a masters after I complete graduate school.