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    I think obtaining your CCRN should be optional..... But it is a great thing to have. I Just Passed my exam today. It was such a good feeling to have passed it. I used Pass CCRN!, AACN core review and i listened to CCRN podcast by Med -best on itunes, and that is completley free!!! Try those they should help. It helped me!!

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    Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions. I used both and as well as AACN core review book. All put together helped a ton. I am proud to say that I passed the CCRN exam today!!!!!! What a feeling!!!!! Thanks again everybody!!!

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    I am scheduled to take the CCRN exam the 29th of March. Using Pass CCRN! and AACN review book. If anyone has used these books can u tell me if these books are any good to use for the exam? If anyone has taken exam recently can u tell me how the exam was? Very nervous!