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  • Mar 29 '12

    These are my suggestions
    1. Increase in hourly pay at least 50 cents-pref. $1.00 while certification is current.
    2. Tuition reimbursement for recert-full amount when successfully obtained.
    3. Approval for continuing education to one professional conference per year-or one course per year (academic or online greater than 8 hours of continuing ed that would be eligible for recert. requirements)
    4. Name badge designation
    5. Movie tickets
    6. Name added to unit plague or bulletin board where all certified nurses are listed

  • Mar 29 '12

    when i was a clin spec in icu, i got the hospital to make new name badges with the newly-achieved certification on them, and we put up a plaque at the entrance to the unit that noted the name and credentials of all nurses who earned them. and everybody got a $ bonus, too, but i doubt if that last would be so feasible these days.

    it was very gratifying to have patients and families (and sometimes other staff) ask, "what's the ccrn...cen...ocn...whatever?" and be able to tell them that it showed the nurse had extensive experience in the specialty and had passed a national examination for certification. it was also a bit of a peer-pressure thing

    note that there are certifications available for every hospital unit, so having icu nurses recognized ought not to cause any bad feelings. i noticed that once the icu nurses started wearing their certs on their sleeves, so to speak, the number of certifications house-wide started going up. nothing the matter with raising the bar.

  • Mar 29 '12

    Our place offered a $500 incentive.

    That was all the creativity any nurse needed.