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    Yes, I go to RACC now. Your CNA experience will help a lot. The students who are in the profession in some type of way have it a lot easier. Plus, if you reduce your hours to part time you will be better off. A lot of us still work full time and I would say we are making it more difficult on ourselves, but what can you do?

    M- class 5-9
    T- lab 5:30-8:30
    W&Th clinical 3-9:30

    There is pretty much something due or to be tested on every single week. It is pretty stressful. We have a math test the first week of class and you must have a 90% or you're out. That will be true EACH semster (and we have lost some people this way). Then the rest of the semester there are skills tests (pass or fail) or an exam or a paper due pretty much each week. So far I think it is a tough program but a fair program. There have been numerous fail outs but that seems standard. Definitely feel like there is some weeding out going on. I think the instructors are great and I will be proud to graduate from there.