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  • Jun 22 '12

    To kaiamc, thank you for the private message response....I would have replied to it directly but my private message option is disabled because I don't post enough on the boards. :P So thank you so much and congrats to you as well as everyone else who got in this fall!!!

  • Jun 21 '12

    Thank you for this! I appreciate your perspective! I recently applied to a BSN program with roughly the same GPA and have just had to pray and believe that if it was meant to be, it will be!

  • Jun 21 '12
  • Jun 21 '12

    I have a question for those of you who were admitted off of the alternate list. Did you receive an email from the nursing department before the website list is updated? I just noticed they are on alt 37 and I'm number 41....soooo close! I'm just wondering if they send you an email before your number is included/posted on their website????

  • Jun 14 '12

    Omg, the scrubs alone a super expensive. Anyway, I did my drug test this morning and you just go into labcorb, sign in, wait to be called, put all the stuff in your pocket in a small lockbox, go in the bathroom, don't flush or run the water, pee in a cup, sign some papers, wash to hand and go. It was pretty easy. Also, I'm doing my university orientation tomorrow so let's see what new info I can gather. Also, anyone else frustrated by the schedule change on when our schedule and gist ration info will be posted. Anyway, hope everyone's having a wonderful day

  • Jun 14 '12

    I think will be about 28k when I graduate....It isn't b/c thats the cost of my program, but I took the full loan amount available as I had to quit a FT job to go back to school and hubby's salary wasn't enough to suppot us while going to school, and we have 4 kids.

  • Jun 11 '12

    Hey who is all applying for Sac State's Spring 2013 program??!

  • Jun 8 '12

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to jump in and say congrats to everyone who was accepted for this fall!! I'm so so excited for you guys!

    Like vickymarie, I just finished my 1st semester in the program, and I absolutely loved it. It was a stressful and challenging semester for sure, but the experiences you go through, stories you have, things you learn, and the great friendships you develop throughout make it so much fun and so interesting.
    Everyone knows you have to study, but something I would really stress is to make good friends with people in your semester, especially in your clinical section. You're going to need them! You'll need people to encourage you, remind you about things, take quizzes and study with you, push you academically, help you, carpool with you, have fun with and to keep you sane!

    @hbadhesha - I was a new transfer student, and I chose to live in the American River Courtyard dorms just for my first semester. Overall, I really liked the experience. It's a short drive to the other end of campus to Folsom Hall, and your resident parking permit works there at all times too, since it's off of the main campus. There are plenty of study rooms as well. I guess it just depends what kind of experience you want. Whatever you decide, try to live close to campus! You'll be going there almost every day out of the week, and the classes are early!

  • Jun 8 '12

    yay congratulations kaiamc!!! i saw that they're at number 31, yay! are you getting ready for the craziness to begin?

  • May 31 '12

    Here is one to share with your spouse or partner

    Nurse Call button misused once again.

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    Want more nursing cartoons?

  • May 31 '12

    Congrats Kaiamc!!! Have you heard anything from the childcare program? Happy there are other mom's of toddlers who will be trying to get through this program too : )

  • May 22 '12

    I just wanted to put a positive word out there - that it IS POSSIBLE to get a nursing position in 2012.

    I was worried sick after hearing all the horror stories regarding new grad nurses and this economy.. and then terrified when I finally graduated and got word that the hospital where I've been working for the last 5 years (in a non-clinical position, I didn't move to a PCT position because I love my boss, she made it possible to go back to school) had just entered a hiring freeze. I started calling around to nurse recruiters in the area (Im in Chicago btw)... but was constantly told the same thing, "call us back when you have your license in hand".... and to top it all off, many hospitals in my area have Magnet status and are only interested in BSNs (including my own, I graduated with an ADN) after months of worrying... the hiring freeze is starting to let up, my awesome boss put in a good word for me with a Nurse Manager in the area I'm interested in (Women's Health/Perinatal)... I interviewed with our hospital's nurse recruiter (who previously told me they hire new grads with PCT experience first).. and Nurse Manager last week and I found out yesterday that I got the JOB!!!

    So New Grads don't give up hope!! I, the atypical nursing student, single mom with the BS in biology, ADN in Nursing instead of a BSN, interested in a "difficult field" to get in to, working in a non-clinical position with no clinical experience outside of school, working at a Magnet hospital in the middle of a hiring freeze, got my dream job... I graduated in February, Passed boards beginning of May and got the job yesterday.

    I believe I did it with a lot of prayer and faith.. but also because I kept trying despite everything that seemed to be against me... God is Great!!

    Good Luck to you!!!

  • May 17 '12

    Hello everyone!!

    I am new to this thread.

    I got accepted into Sac's program for this Fall. I was number 15 on the waiting list. After that, I just gave up on Sac and considered CSUEB and CSULB instead. Right when I decided to go to East Bay's program instead, I got the email saying that I got into Sac, and my decision changed. I am even surprised I got in to this program because when I look at the Stats from this thread, everyone's score was so high! Most people seemed to be in the 80s... I had only 66 points. I guess people who declined really helped!

    I am a transfer student from CSU East Bay, so I will be on campus at Sac (I only live about 1hr 30min away) I am very excited to meet all of you, and terrified already of my first semester. I have already did all of the co-reqs except for Pharm so I have to take that first semester. I looked at the curriculum for the program on the website and it looks INSANE. Hopefully, I can focus and make it through. At East Bay, we are on a quarter system (10 weeks), so adjusting to the semester system as SAc will be kind of difficult.

    I can't wait until orientation! But for now, I gotta get through my last quarter here (have 4 more weeks) and then get all of the requirements done.

    I am looking forward to meeting all of you

  • May 11 '12

    Thank you! I'm super excited and just turned in all the documents they needed to maintain my place in the program. Did anyone else finish the first module we were required to do? If so, were we supposed to print any sort of proof or transcript that we finished it to include along with the other documents we had to turn in? Or was all that was required was just to sign the UCDHS Confidentiality Agreement form?

    I also need to take the CPR classes and will do it after my finals next week! Also, did anyone choose a time to attend the university orientation yet?

    @kaiamc I have a really good feeling that you will get in, only 8 more spots! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well!

  • May 11 '12

    Livingsimple Congrats!!!! I knew you would have no problem getting in

    Suka Congrats as well!!! Btw when you go on the red cross or american heart websites there should be lists of the cpr classes offered. I found that most were about $65. I still need to take it if your interested in taking it with me let me know

    Kaiamc 8 more is not that many!!! You will get the email soon