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    Well I am an LVN here in Austin, which is about 1 1/2 hours north of San Antonio. I can tell you that some of the hospitals here hire LVN's, others are only RN's. However the nursing homes, private duty, and home health agencies hire LVN's a lot. I will tell you this though, plan on it taking a while to transfer your license here, maybe 2 months, and if you have any sort of prior criminal record it will take a long time. I had 3 misdemeanors from 12 years ago, nothing drug or alcohol related and it took me a year. Good luck!

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    I am just finishing up with this process, it took the full 6 months for mine to process.

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    I wanted to let you know I just finished this process, well not the declaratory order. I endorsed from another state and had my file sent to the enforcement board and had to pay the $150. I have 3 arrests on my record, all misdemeanors, all minor in their own right. Mine was approved with no stipulations, just 4 days short of 6 months. It's frustrating but it will get done.