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    "So Nurses Aren't professional butt wipers?"

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    Hey everyone. Thanks again for the insight. I accepted my seat at Hunter (public).I am very excited to start.

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    Quote from KelRN215
    Your clinical placements and recommendations from professors/clinical instructors mean the most when you're out looking for a job. There is no such thing as an "NCLEX score". You either pass it or you don't. A future employer doesn't care if you passed it in 75 questions or 265. Either way, you're an RN. If both schools are reputable and have good NCLEX pass rates and can give you good clinical placements, there's nothing wrong with letting money be the deciding factor. Personally, I went close to $90k in debt for my undergrad education at a private university. I could have attended a state school for free. I don't regret my decision, as this was my first degree and the college experience mattered more than the nursing school but if it's your second degree and you have kids and other responsibilities, save yourself the money.
    You raise several good points. One especially stood out to me, and I feel like you picked the thought right out of my head- the thought of the "college experience"The public college is extremely competitive- with only 80 seats offered. So the fact that I got accepted blew my mind. Because they are so competitive the school is known for being unforgiving. Not that I won't give it my all, I am a type A personality and am always very hard on myself when it comes to grades (that's another story all together). The students are known for being very cut throat and I can vouch for this as I have interacted with my Fierce competition just trying to get in.The private school on the other hand was sooooo nice. And the applicants are older adults like myself as it is a second degree program (the public is a mixture 2nd deg and reg pathway).I know I am being silly, and maybe I am drawn to Pace for its aesthetic qualities. I know I sound immature my friend actually told me "Don't go into debt just b/c you want friends!" She is right. The public school may not be all "kumbaya" but it will get me to where I want to be.In other words, I need thicker skin.

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    This was all really helpful.If all that matters is that I just earn the degree, I will do just that. I honestly cannot afford the private school.Ty again everyone!

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    Quote from Bk100
    I've personally heard of Hunter clinicals taking place in Bellevue, Presbyterian, Sloan-Kettering, Hospital of Special Surgery, NYU-Langone, and Mount Sinai
    Wow. I'm excited.

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    For those of you who know someone currently in the nursing program/graduates of the nursing program- Would you know where most of the clinical placements are?

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    Hello all current nursing students and active Nurses! I need to pick your brains please!

    I am a 2nd degree student and mother of 2 beautiful girls. I made the biggest decision in my life coming back to school to pursue a degree in nursing and I cannot be happier.

    So I applied to a BSN programs at a few of my local schools here in NYC. As you all know, all these programs are super competitive! I Studied my butt off for all my pre-requisites- attending night school and weekend school so I can continue working. I spent weeks perfecting my personal statements- often hounding my mentors and friends for their feedback.

    So now I have heard back from the schools and I am in!!! WOOOO Something I did not expect- I got in to both of my first choice schools!!! Wow- I have choices? I did not expect this. All the late night studying paid off!!

    Both are wonderful programs, with great clinical placements- the difference is, one program is at a Private University, while the other is at a Public one. The Private school program is 6x as much as the private!!!!

    I am trying not to let the $ be the main deciding factor, but as you all know it carries a large weight. As a second degree student I am not eligible for most financial aid. I received my "financial aid package" from the private school, and it was laughable. I would have to take in private loans for tuition and living expenses, as my husband cannot carry all the burden on his own. I am also applying for scholarships.

    So going back to my original question, what makes or breaks a good Nursing applicant once you are out looking for a job? Is it the school name? Or is it the NCLEX score and the clinical placements you had at school? As I applied to schools I was well aware of the tuition and costs and decided I was willing to get into this educational debt, and consider it as an investment. But should I get into this large debt if I have the choice not to?

    The two schools I am referring to are Pace University and Hunter College in New York City, for any of you familiar with the schools.

    HELP ME!!! I would love some insight =)

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    Goodluck! They should get back to you w/in 3-4 weeks! Hope to see you at orientation!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!! I was shocked they did it so early! And without an interview? Am I missing something or did they just decide not to do them this yr?I'll see everyone at Orientation!

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    I got in! I got in! I was accepted to the Generic Pathway!

    How about you guys???

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    Quote from missxyoon
    Thank God!! I received an email this morning with my acceptance to the accelerated nursing program! Did anyone else hear anything?
    Congratulations!!!! Thats amazing!!!!!

    I got in to the Generic Pathway!!

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    UGHHHHHH The waiting is killing me! I am literally having nightmares about this!!!

    I don't know about you guys, but the next person to ask me "Have you heard from Hunter yet?" Is going to get slapped!!

    Sorry had a moment. I hope all your courses are going well!

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    You'll definitely get it within a week. The letter directs you to their website: Accepted Students - Graduate | Future Students | Pace University so def check it out.

    Save your pennies, b/c we need to get a lot done before we start:
    $200 deposit
    CPR for infants, children, and adults
    Background check
    Drug test

    ***** said Orientation is in the summer and they'll give us more details about books, scrubs (Specific Pace scrubs), and our nursing kit (not sure what that is, but may include our stethoscope)

    Congrats again! This is so very exciting!!

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    Thank you so much for your responses.

    I have been literally having nightmares about this. The times we live in, its very hard to live with two incomes, let alone 1!!! Like the previous post, I also have the huge fear that my husband might lose his job, or what if we can't make a bill payment one month, or what if any other worst possible scenario that can happen does happen??!!. I want to start school, and I know its just 2 years of struggle, and the end will make up for it. But I honestly do not have the luxury to give up working- unless I accrue a large amount of debt in the process.

    You ladies are proof it can be done. Thank you for the inspirational words.

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    All you ladies are AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL!!

    I will be starting a BSN nursing program in the Fall. The school has repeated over and over again, that it would be impossible to maintain a job. Which as you all know is a problem.

    I have 2 little girls, and I am vey worried on placing this burden on my husband and his meager income.

    I have postponed and postponed beginning school for this reason, and I just can't do this anymore. My grades will be considered "old" at some point. And at the end of the day, I want to begin my professional career already!!

    I am very excited for my acceptance to school, but very scared about the mess it will bring to my household.