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    Oh, okay. Thank you!

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    The ANCC is accepting applications for the ACNP exam until December 2015. This is why I am asking.

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    So I will be graduating from a dual role FNP/AGACNP program this May. I decided to go with certification through ANCC, since they offer both, after some consideration but not much insight. Now I see that I am still able to take the ACNP exam but they also offer the AGACNP. Which one should I take???

    The AGACNP is still a fairly new thing, is one more marketable than the other? I would think that just the title "acute care" would make the older one more marketable since it implies ALL acute care, but the specification on the newer one may be better, I really have no clue here.

    Please help?

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    Anywhere in Florida or South Carolina, I am licensed in both states and am willing to drive! It has been so difficult to find anyone willing to precept. I would hate to have to drop my ARNP program just because I cannot find a preceptor. I need Family Practice, Pediatric, and OB/GYN hours. An ARNP or an MD/DO would work, and long as they have two years of experience. I could complete hours anytime between August 19th and December 5th, I just have to get the paperwork in ASAP. Any help would be appreciated!

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    My registration time started yesterday at 9 AM. I added NUR 607 and NUR 545, giving me 6 credit hours. One of the USA CON advisors *******informed me that NUR 608 may be taken in a different semester of the program. I will be doing that, since I am nervous about taking 3 graduate-level classes at once while working full time, and this would let me ease into the program more smoothly without adding any more semesters. I am in section 804 of both classes.

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    That would be great!

    Also I just realized I put Spring 2012 in the topic title here instead of Spring 2013 ... sorry for any confusion!

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    Quote from JZ_RN
    As a new grad I had 50-55 pts. in LTC. I'd rather die than go back to LTC.

    Oh my gosh, 30 patients sounds like such a difficult load to me... 50-55? There is no way. I mean, how do you even begin to manage time with so many people?

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    Love it, thank you!

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    WOW, you all have seen a lot! I hear stories of how everyone used to smoke at the nurses' station. It's so crazy to me when I think about it.

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    Whoops, I posted my response without refreshing the page and didn't see your last post, Stephanie. Email sent!

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    Thank you Perioddrama and Stephanie, and congratulations to you, too, Stephanie!

    It's great that someone else is in the exact program! Right now I can't send PMs because I have less than 15 posts. I guess makes members post to a certain amount before they allow personal messages, to help prevent spam. I'll work on posting a little more, so I can send you my email address.

    I'm really nervous, too! It's been awhile since I took more than one class at a time... my ADN to BSN program staggered classes so they were faster-paced, but there was only one to focus on. Also, that Securexam proctor device we have to get is pretty crazy, finger-printing and video-taping 360 degrees while we take exams!

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    I couldn't respond to your PM either Manna, for the same reason.

    My MSN (Advanced Emergency Nursing Dual Role) letter arrived October 19th, but it seems the DNP letters are taking longer to arrive, as my friend at work applied for the DNP version of the AENDR program and still hasn't heard back.

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    I got my letter for the MSN Advanced Emergency Nursing Dual Role program on Friday (October 19th). It seems it is taking longer for the DNP letters. I hope to see some of you in NU 545, 607, and 608 this Spring!

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    I was just accepted into the University of South Alabama's online Advanced Emergency NP dual role program, MSN option, with a Spring start. Is anyone else in the program, or will anyone be starting at the same time? Any advice from previous graduates?


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    The fact that you care about your mistakes is a good quality! I think you have to sit back and analyze your mistakes. Are they actually endangering the lives of your patients, to the point that management has spoken to you sternly? Or are they small mistakes, like forgetting to sign MARS (yes, yes, still important, but not quite the same as giving someone a quadruple dose of medication, sending the wrong patient to the OR, etc... things I have seen!). If they are small mistakes, everyone makes them. It sounds like you have been a nurse for a bit now, I'm sure you've seen others make a few. Did your hospital just switch to electronic medical records? It's always a bit sketchy with computer changes at first. It's really about the stress level, and what you feel you can handle. With experience, which it sounds like you have, there are always other possibilities if you are unhappy.