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  • Feb 21

    On my first job as a nurse in LTC I had a 30 pts on a sunday and was doing a discharge. I correctly wrote the meds, dosages, and directions on the discharge sheet and double checked it was correct. We sent pt's home with 3 days meds in freaking labled ziploc baggies. well of course we were 3 short so my manager told me to double up on the meds to each bag and put two labels on the bag. I put lasix and another medication in the bag. The one med was 4x/day and the lasix was only one. But I labled them both as 4x/day. So the pt took 4 lasix the next day because he was going off the baggies instead of the discharge papers and he ended up in the ER. He was fine thank the lord! But I was terrified and felt sick for doing harm to this pt. I learned to triple check everything and not to listen to that manager who had me double up on bags. I felt nervous doing it and I learned to go with my intuition. I was wrote up and put on a probation of sorts for 30 days which I completed fine but I left shortly after.

  • Dec 19 '17

    I am not surprised if the rates are higher among husband and I married very young after the birth of our son and in the midst of me starting my LPN career. Weathering all the changes that nursing brought upon my personality and the fact that we naturally changed from when we were late teenagers almost broke our marriage. I, as others have said, had nothing left to give once I got home from work. But I am lucky enough to have a man who sat patiently by my side giving me time to figure myself out before I could even begin to deal with our marriage. I learned the hard way to just leave work at work. I do vent to my husband, he is a mechanic so all my work stories are weirdly interesting to him lol, but I don't carry my stress home. I will be honest my nursing career has had to take a back seat to keep us a happy healthy family. My husband makes more than me and carries insurance so I have to work around his schedule which has led to me having to switch jobs more than my liking. I only work PRN and am using this time to bridge to RN while my children are still toddlers. I do get moments where I think damn I wish I could work full time and have the job I really want...but it will come in due time. My youngest will graduate HS when I am 42 so I will have plenty of time after that to be super nurse but that fact is the reason I am ok with not necessarily working where I want too right now. I am down right SHOCKED my husband and I have made it as far as we have, we had a lot of odds stacked against us that I have seen people divorce for less. I think what makes us tick is laughter. We both have the humor of 12 year old boys. We are the only people who find each other funny. And he is my exact opposite so what one lacks the other one is strong in. It works, I don't know why, but I am unbelievably grateful it does. I can't imagine my life without him and I know when I graduate from my RN bridge program he will be the one cheering for me the loudest : )

  • Oct 25 '17

    You save time when you finally get all you residents special likes memorized. Like Mr. Jones hates taking pills but if you offer it with OJ he is a lot more willing to take them or Mrs. Williams likes her meds right after breakfast otherwise she tends to get a grumpy stomach before she eats and then won't eat anything at all. After awhile you just get it down. I have a couple do not do's that some people may tell you saves time. Don't sort out meds in a med cup ahead of time, even if you initial the cup with the residents name it always is a catalyst to a mistake. Always check the MAR even if you have had the same resident with the same meds for 5 years. Unless your on duty 24/7 you never know when a med may change. And if someone's advice seems wonky follow your gut because chances are its not a good idea.

    I always stayed on track with flow sheets I made at work and leave at work to not violate any privacy laws. Eventually I was able to complete morning meds for 30ish patients in the time frame given.