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    I'm very excited about school and not smoking!
    And congratulations to you for being strong enough to put 'em down, too. Its one day at a time.

    I certainly think that reading some of the posts on this website have helped me gather the strength and courage to finish school. Thank you guys!

    Oh did I mention how excited I am?!?!

    Quote from drkolie will not regret quitting. Your food will taste better, you will most likley be healthier and you will live longer, so to enjoy all those years ahead of you in your new profession. (from a x-smoker from way back when).

    You will not regret becoming a nurse as well. I've been in nursing for over 30+ years and can complain about a lot of things, worked in all kinds of settings, been there, done that attitude, but I know I am blessed to be a nurse with all it's caring, the base of why we became one in the first place. You will forever remember in you mind and heart the special times that make this profession what it is and who you are.

    keep up the good work.................

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    hello all!

    i'm a 23 year old nursing student from asheville. i go to school in johnson city, tn. i *crosses fingers* will be graduating in december of this year (2005) and desire to move back home. i hope to start out at the hospital to get my experience but i have no clue where i want to work. i loved psych, ob, and my first med-surg rotation.

    i started out in 2000 as pre-med. i hated it. they seem to discourage being the kind of doctor my grandfather was ...(the good kind) i switched to undeclared.

    mom has been a nurse since i was in utero, lol, and has always discouraged me from being a nurse. i suppose she said that on those late nights when we were at the office doing paper work. (she was in home health for a long time.) anyway, when i switched to undeclared the first thing she said to me was "have you ever thought about nursing?" and since i grew up breathing medicine, talking about fecal impactions at the dinner table, and all the good and gross seemed to be perfect.

    so here i am! a senior. chugging along, taking it one day at a time, trying to stay on top of everything school-wise, and i'm loving it. *cringes* i just heard the mcdonald's jingle.

    i'm a little bit sleep deprived and seem to have said way to much -hopefully not too far off topic.

    (my name is from a note my boyfriend hid in my apartment....its on a piece of paper that is keeping track of how many days i've made it without is day 16! )

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    i just took my nails off, well you know what i mean, and have been using "calcium shield" by orly. i got it at sally's beauty supply. i also use vitamin e on my cuticles and massage it in to stimulate nail growth. the polish is clear, which is just about the only thing most places will allow. good luck!


    ps - my nails are still short and have the swirls where they were buffed by the nail tech. this is week three and i see new growth! i'm so very excited to be on my way back to strong healthy nails!!!

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    You are from Murphy? I was born in Andrews! Small world, huh?


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    Quote from WannabeFinished2005
    Hello all! I just finished looking at the thread You Know You Are A Nursing Student When......

    I absolutley love it. I am in my second year of nursing school (first year LPN) and in my final semester of RN. I am a mother of two married and 36...geeze I am feeling old. I am an online nursing student through Weber State and I live in Alaska. (Online nursing is brutal!!!!) Glad to be a part of this forum and looking forward to more wonderful threads.
    Props to you for doing this online! Wow! You are awesome!

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    Don't crack up! Take a moment. *deep breath* okay.

    I'm a first semester senior and I have felt your pain. The amount of reading was inhumane. Day one they told us to say goodbye to our friends. They emphasised being "flexible." (God I hate that word now!) Anyway.
    1) Go get a student planner. Go through each syllabus and write down test dates, dates presentations are due, and days when school is closed, etc.
    It is important to stay organized and maintain a feeling of control.
    2) Divide up the readings. Read an hour in your health assessment text. Take a break. (go to the gym for a yoga class, make dinner) Then do another hour in another class.
    3) If you freak on tests, which I do, go to disability services or the testing center or an instructor and talk about extended test taking time or taking your test in a low stimuli environment. I should have done that 2 years ago but I don't follow my own advice.
    You'll do okay. It won't always be peaches in cream. But as I have made it this far, so shall you. My mom made it. Lots of folks have made it.


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    Quote from serenity30
    Hello i am Tawnya and i work at Grady and have been for three years, i work in nicu but would like to change nursing areas but have no ida what any suggestions
    Last semester I did two rotations through NICU. I fell in love with it. Where is Grady at?


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    Hi everybody!

    One of my instructors gave us this website. I checked it out and decided to join. I am a nursing student in Tennessee. I graduate in December. I'm a little burned out right now...but seeing that I'm not the only student feeling that was is helpful. Feel free to post back I'll be online for a bit.

    Nice to meet you!