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    I interviewed last year at wesleyan ft.wort and BOMBED the interview lol. I was not prepared for that at all. That same year I interviewed at a different school in the east coast and was told that I was IN at the end of the interview. Just shows you the difference in school interviews.
    Wesleyan questions start off basic like -> would you give atropine to a pt having a hr of 170….you will answer no and they will ask why, when you answer they will ask why again and continue asking eventually leading to an answer like: atropine competes against acetylcholine at the muscarinic receptor sites.
    Most questions are straight forward and you will know the answers to them. Just try not to get nervous because they get high off of that.
    Know the mechanism and receptors of meds including pressors, dilators, antiarrhythmics. For the grand finale they gave me abgs, swan numbers, inotropic agents…. answer: pt is going through metabolic acidosis due to lactic acid formation secondary of anerobic metabolism in this pt with cardiogenic shock… I got halfway through the answer on my own…. the other half was after they kicked me out of the room, lol.
    Hope this helps and good luck.

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    Currently in CRNA school here. I started off as a LVN->ADN->BSN. I found my ADN program to be more family friendly as it had day and evening classes. My LVN prog was pretty strict 8-4 m-f mostly. I did my bsn online while getting RN experience (Tele), applied to CRNA school after 1 year ICU. LVN, ADN, and many classes completed at community college.... so it is possible, good luck.

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    About to complete first semester of crna school here. I would highly recommend taking human physiology at a community college, that or biochem.