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    Jump in with both feet! I was lucky enough to be hired as a new grad to a Cardiac step down unit and I'm absolutely loving it. Learning something new everyday and checking the cardiac nursing board on here on my nights off to read about everyone's experiences. Good luck to you!

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    The wait was absolutely awful but I passed as well! So glad it's over. My license number was posted today on the board so im finally able to relax! Congrats on passing and good luck to anyone that's still waiting!

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    I know exactly how you feel. I took my test on the 13th at 2:00. My test stopped at 75 and I got the good pop up. Every time one of my friends told me this I would congratulate them and say they definitely passed buuut now that it's me I'm skeptical. Im not going to believe it until I see my results or get my license number posted on the board's site!

    Good luck to everyone else that's current enduring this HORRIBLE wait!