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    I am a case manager for a hospice right now my census is 17 but they are strewn about the county and now they are starting a new cardiac connection service where the cm hs to see pt 2x weekly and they have just introduced computers and I am about ready to run away I can"t fu on my pts they way I would like keep giving me new pts the other day drove over 70 miles today I worked 10 hrs w no lunch and kind of left a pt hanging for fu w eekend perdiems can't establish bound of trust w pts w bbms coming and phones ringing.I like the basis of hospice and I wish they would give me time to do.I have been a nurse a long time and it didn't use to be this way.I feel like I'm doing piece work instead of nursing,I am also 1 60 yr old tired women thanks for letting me vent