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    i applied in feb and we did not hear till middle end of april.

    My suggestion for you guys is to start going over dosage since 3 weeks in you have a dosage exam and they do not review anything, it is SELF STUDY. You must pass with an 85 or better or you are on clinical probation and you have 3 times to take the test throughout the semester. Believe me you want to pass first time because u have so much other stuff going on that you dont want to keep dedicating time to dosage. Once you get in get your books ASAP and start reading your taylor fundamentals book. GL!

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    Quote from RInursingstudent
    I tested into the Math 0500 and English 0890. But the advisors are all over the place with their answers to this question. Am I able to retake the accuplacer? I guess you need a 75 to take Health 1000, I got a 71. So I would need to retake that, right? The English wouldn't count as that going toward Health 1000? And if I have taken everything except Health 1000 and Dosage, and I take those in the Spring, technically, can I apply for the Fall semester in February? Since I'd be done with everything before the Fall?
    I'm not really sure what your question is. I have never heard of people re-taking an accuplacer. This is what they use to place you in your english and math classes. In order to apply to the nursing program, you have to have all pre-requisites completed prior to applying.

    The pre-requisites are Composition 1, a social science or humanities elective, Intro to Health, Dosage calculation for med administration, human anatomy, human physiology and microbiology with the minimum posted grades. You also have to take the TEAS test. You can find the college catalog information here with the minimum requirements for applying.

    Also receiving the minimum grades will not guarantee acceptance. There is a preformance based application process. You can find it here.

    I am thinking if you have to take pre-requisites prior to the nursing pre-requisites, this will probally take you 3-4 semesters to complete all requirements before you can apply. If you go through the summer you can minimize the time. The science classes are extremely time consuming, and you can only take one at a time as they are all pre-requisites for each other. They also fill up fast, so make sure you sign up right away. Also ask around, there are some teachers that are very good and others who are not...

    I was lucky enough to get in my first time applying to the program and i start Fall 2012. Good luck.

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    I got in with 130 points for warwick day program. I took physio in the summer with a really bad teach lol and got a B-. I was told not to retake it. Everything else i had A's and one A-. I heard February is the best (least competitive) application period because of all the seats. On the FB nursing group, i have seen people posting that they knew people in the "90's" who got accepted. Night program is much more competitive tho like already mentioned. I know the application periods are all different too. Some are for "empty seats" and others are "open seating". If you apply for a period with just leftover seats don't get discouraged if you don't get in. GL!!

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    well heres for hoping they let me get SOME LOL!!! Absolutely ridiculous. haha. Like i said i'd feel better if people were helpful in letting me know when i can appeal, when our major will change, when we ill be enrolled etc haha.

    This is going to be a long 2 years...

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    Quote from jdcri
    I have my bachelors from RIC and received aid - still paying it off and I have used aid for some but not all courses here with no issue - very strange that you need to do this! What a PIA!!
    Yup. Well the best part was no one even emailed me, notified me...nothing. I noticed when i went under myccri and clicked on financial aid. I busted my you-know-what paying cash for the pre-reqs as i wanted to be responsible and loan the least amount possible...LOL Well jokes on me i guess? I am hoping an official acceptance letter will suffice, but alas, i cant get a straight answer out of ANYBODY! I did already write my appeal letter, since im nto really sure what i should be writing, i explained how i could not find gainful employment with my previous degree, therefore i need to get this degree to get employment and my financial circumstances cannot afford tuition haha. I hate CCRI. I did email Ms. Clifton, so i am hoping she has more insight for me. I have heard on the FB group a lot of people have had this issue and appealed and turned out OK...which makes me feel better, but i cannot wait until July...IN CASE i do get denied i need to find an alternate way to afford this...UGHHH

    So RI has the lowest unemployment rate ever and i owe the government no money....i am trying to better myself and get employment and they deny me loan money???

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    i need to know when we will be enrolled for the fall semester as i have to now deal with financial aid!!!! Even though i have NEVER used them, because i finished a degree (which i paid in cash), and unable to find a job for it...i have to file an APPEAL to get financial aid...*****! And the lady in the financial office was a word i do not like to use.... Per advising (who had to make me an "educational plan" and even he was shaking his head thinking that this is retarded i have to appeal..LOL I need to be signed up for nursing 1010 as i have to submit with my appeal...UGH!

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    Quote from MarissaC
    my girlfriend completed nursing 1 at CCRI and took a cna test like a week after grades were posted! she is now a CNA in nursing 4!
    ohhh well thats a good alternative if i cant take the class...i just hope i can survive the semester working full time!!! Looks like my bf will just never see me even though we live together haha.

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    i wish they would send out an auto email to let us know when they received our BCI...i also made 2 or 3 copies. It's kinda sad no one trusts them to do what they are supposed to, yet they give us less than 2 weeks to submit our BCI...and when they are 7 weeks behind...ehhh no big deal LOL

    i hate ccri LOL. Marissaaaaaaa we need to hang out maybe even before the big meetup??

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could help. I am trying to find a CNA class that is offered days, and would be completed by the fall semester. I looked into CCRI and am signed up for the pretest, but it isnt until May 23, and they could not give me the next start date for their day program . I was accepted to the nursing program for the fall, but i currently have NO flexibility in my job. I work full time second shift mon-fri 3-11:30pm. This is why i need to find a day class.

    I have checked into a few places (BCC, Cranston adult learning), but they are evening programs. BCC has one day program in fall river, but it does not have good start and end times. I have tried to call the dept of health and have emailed them for a listing, but have received no answer. I also looked into 911programs (very expensive and also night program). I have emailed St Elizabeths as they have no info on their website. I did email SCH VNA because their website says that they offers CNA classes periodically.

    I currently work at a hospital and i would like to become a CNA and transfer to a p/t position in the hospital. I am hoping the CCRI thing ends up working out...otherwise i am kinda stuck at the moment. I understand after 2 clinical rotations you can sit for your cna boards (please correct me if im wrong). I guess if it comes down to it, i will have to hope my job will bear with me and i will just have to bust butt till that happens.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Quote from spankybax320
    Good Luck you should get some news soon.
    Got in for warwick day. I guess i am out to buy that book now Thanks again for the quizlet info too. BCI is already back, does that website auto transmit to CCRI or do i have to bring it in? Also under SS check, it has 2 records...both me...but one has my last name spelled one letter off. The same with residency. 2 records...both me lol but the one has one letter off... Is this going to cause a problem? I have no criminal records. My last name is wrong and i'm sure one of my credit cards had that spelling, i just never fixed it, because it was only one letter wrong (an A instead of an O). People spell my last name wrong all the time because it is long.

    Im probably being crazy huh haha I just don't want any reason to have them boot me!

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    I got into Warwick days yay! Email came around 9pm!

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    Mine was checked 3x today and 3x yesterday.

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    Quote from arbor-vitae
    He won't respond, he's part of the problem. Just try to relax, hope to get in but also have a contingent plan. It's situations like this which raise questions about favors, politics and nepotism, which could be delaying things.
    Exactly what I'm concerned with. A "performance based" application process that's not truly performance based. Why else would it take so long? I mean come on. It's not hard to put applications in order by points and take the top 82 or whatever. I don't care what they are telling us it's really not rocket science lol.

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    im not holding my was by the 31, then it was first week of april then it was by the 15th of april now it's sometime this week...

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    That was the last update for me as well

    I'm sure marissa will be here to update, but she messaged me on fb saying now it's next week for acceptance emails. She had emailed someone. I also emailed just for i will post back when i get a reply.

    This is really getting ridiculous now.