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  • May 1 '12

    i got into the warwick day campus with about 100 points!! a couple a's but mostly b's and one b- !! good luck and redsoxgrl is right, do not get discouraged if you do not get in if you apply to a night nursing or during the off season application periods! i applied to the evening nursing at the lincoln campus last february and there were 48 seats total, sadly i did not get in and then i applied to the same campus when seats opened in august and again didnt get accepted. i kept applying to this campus because it worked with my work schedule. then this past february i applied to the warwick day campus and recieved a letter of acceptance with just making 100 points!

  • Apr 26 '12

    Yes and I have 20 k in loans from ric and they let me get more!!

  • Apr 25 '12

    does anyone know of anyone who is hiring a medical assistant full time. a friend of mine that works at a doctors office with me has 2 kids and they told her they do not need her anymore. i am trying to help her out because she has become a good friend! if anyone you know is hiring inbox me or leave a post on here with information !!!

    thanks in advance


  • Mar 27 '12

    I called, they said between wednesday and friday we should be getting an email!!!!! they always seem to wait until the very end to do anything! lol. i have a pretty good gpa (3.2) but i do know some of my friends with 2.7's and 2.8's who have gotten in on the first try last year! so we should be good!