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  • Aug 11 '12

    I was a tech for two years while in nursing school and believe me my patients were BATHED. Soap, water, piles of wash cloths and towels. Now I work in a pedi ICU and techs don't do baths the RN's do. Many will just use those icky bath wipes but if my kiddo is stable I won't do that, soap water, the works...especially some of our chronic pts who are around for months, wipes just aren't going to cut it. I actually LOVE getting to give a good bath, makes me feel good about my care and it's usually something the family really appreciates. When my kids are clean, tucked into a fresh bed and sleeping I feel accomplished haha

  • Aug 11 '12

    I'm an RN working night shift on a med/surg tele floor. Recently our hospital cut tech staffing. Frequently we have 1 tech for 12 patients. This is unacceptable. That being said, many people blame short staffing when things don't get done or done properly. Quite often I find people are just lazy or uneducated. Sorry, but it's true. You can't tell me that not one of the people the OP spoke with was unaware they had to retract the foreskin. That's bull. And as for the others who didn't know, they need to be educated. Make sure you chart in detail everything you do and report incidents such as these to your charge nurse. Report it every time it happens. If nothing changes, go up the chain of command. In my opinion the most important task the techs have is cleaning, changing, and repositioning (I feel nurses are responsible for this also BTW and I do this for my patients whenever possible). If nothing else gets done in a shift, that has to get done. If it's not, what are they doing? Also, short-staffing is not an acceptable excuse. If there are 12 patients on a unit and 1 tech, try and get half bathed and alert the oncoming shift as to which baths weren't completed so they can do them. This way everyone gets bathed in a day. Since the staffing cuts I have noticed more and more patients who are in soaked briefs and who stink when I come on. Quite frankly it ****** me off. And the fact that no one at least mentioned that so and so wasn't bathed tells me they didn't even notice. That's what I mean by lazy.

  • Jul 30 '12

    I don't blame you for being angry. If you didn't need a referral it would have been a moot point, you could have just gone to UC. But unfortunately he has the CYA mentality. And yes, I agree that he didn't need to make that comment about your education.
    BTW, not sure why some people on here are being so snarky to you. Totally not necessary.

  • Jul 30 '12

    good heavens, here we have a person, the OP, that has advance nursing education. And specialized equipment to make careful judgements. Trying to make the best use of resources and WE are criticizing???? If the OP got to the urgent care, and needed more. ya think they couldn't call for transport?

  • Jul 30 '12

    It's hard not to let him get into your head; yes you made a mistake but it wasn't as earthshattering as that idiot made it into. As Beenthere said, why didn't the doc know what HE had ordered already?

    I was out of state on a family emergency, my husband flew in but was out of his meds and didn't bring the bottle with him. I called my PCP to see if he would call in a script the next day when he had access to his records for us, he knew off the top of his head what dh needed and called it to a local pharmacy then and there. This guy had a huge family practice!

    Eleanor Roosevelt said " no one can make you feel inferior without your permission". I'm impressed you caught both errors as quickly as you did (means you are double checking yourself, and paying attention. Can't ask for for more for in a new grad.).

    So, deep breath, give a mental finger to Dr. Imgod'sidiotgiftotheworld, and go on. We've all made mistakes, and some of us wish we had caught them as early as you did.

  • Jul 30 '12

    Buck up. You are doing fine. The docs a jerk. Just try to make sure you have all your ducks in a row when you call them. Oh yeah, you are allowed to be human.

  • Jul 30 '12

    what dating life!... as a single dad of 3 children plus a full time nursing career, and house work who has time to date?'s not easy therefore, i guess i'll remain single until my youngest goes to college :uhoh21:

  • Jul 1 '12

    Ah yes, Donald Trump.....such a wise sage........

    I live in a state that has mandatory health coverage and as a (recently) former primary care provider, I saw the difference it made. People started getting routine preventative care, ER visits for minor complaints declined. were created for NPs and PAs who are more than capable of delivering quality primary care to adults and children.

    Obamacare is far from perfect, but I think it's an improvement over what we have now.

  • Jul 1 '12

    There seems to be a perception that this will cause sick people to suddenly fall from the sky like a swarm of locusts. There will still be the same number of patients, just more of them will have a way to contribute their fair share for care that many are already receiving anyway.

    Many of these patients may seek care they wouldn't have before which is a good thing and can actually take some of the burden off of our Docs rather than adds to it; currently patients without coverage often go undiagnosed and/or untreated for a variety of conditions. There are far less Doctor hours required to diagnose and control diabetes and hypertension in it's early stages than are required if we wait until the patient has a stroke, has an MI and needs OHS and goes on dialysis.

  • Jun 7 '12

    No, the OP has failed twice and is now taking up another spot that someone else who is more serious about their college education could have taken. I know this may sound harsh, but the truth usually is to those who cannot see it for themselves even when it is right in front of them. It is good to see that you do not give up easily, but there are some changes to be made!

    You need to take your own a matter of fact you should have taken your own advice your first go 'round of nursing school, now you are in your third. You must be very young because everything you are saying in your post as advice for others are things you should have known and taken seriously before you even applied to college, especially a nursing program.

    I know there are other people who could have had my spot, but they didn't get it, you know why? Because I worked harder, stayed up later, studied more, sacrificed more, delt better with more stress and left them in my dust. They want my spot, well they gotta catch me first! Je suis prest, "I am ready!"

    And I don't expect my teachers to care what is going on in my life and make exceptions for lil' ol' me, I don't expect to be treated special, my class mates are working just as hard, some even harder and have problems too, they can't make exceptions for everybody and when you get out into the workforce the world doesn't care about your problems, harsh as that is; life is not fair. You are doing this for you, not the people who didn't make it. I had so much at home stress going on, on top of school stress, that I would often vomit daily before class and sometimes I would have to get up in the middle of class to throw up. But I am still going strong and making good grades. Don't let anything get in your way, keep your dream/goal in front of you and keep on truckn'!

    I hope you take this go around more seriously, because you are correct, a college degree is life changing and it is your future on the line. I genuinely wish you luck and hope that you get through this, and give it everything you've got! And yeah nursing school is not easy, but if it was, I wouldn't be doing it, I would be looking for something more challenging!

  • Jun 2 '12

    From my research, there are a lot of people on here that totally freak about the NCLEX. All throughout school, up until I took it, and now that I've was never very important to me and everything about it was anti-climactic after all the talk during school.

    Like the article says, I did even start studying until I got my date for boards. I graduated May 7th, I got my ATT on May 22nd, and signed up to take the test May 30th. I started studying on the 23rd and put in 6 days of studying, about 4 hours a day. I am a quick reader, but in this time I pretty much worked through the entire Saunders book. I briefly reviewed things I didn't know, skimmed over the things I did, and then most importantly I did the questions.

    I do not necessarily recommend the "I guess I care but not really" attitude like I had, but taking the test as soon as you can is probably just as important as the amount you study. I was in an Accelerated program, and all we did was take exams (including HESIs, meh). So the NCLEX ended up just being another exam. I was not nervous. I tried to focus, but I ended up guessing on some and just saying "Whatevs". My exam then shut off at 75 questions and I found out later that I passed. Yay.

    I was hesistant about taking it with little studying, and searched these forums for a few hours, and no one really seemed to say it worked. So I thought I would post my experience, saying it worked for me. Saunders book, iced mocha, 4 hours a day, the week before. Then just got it over with (in 30 minutes, too).

    Good luck to everyone, and try to chill if you've got your panties in a wad about it. You're probably better off than you think.

  • May 5 '12

    Basically if you made 30 dollars an hour and worked 40 hours plus 25 hours overtime at time and a half you would. But you would have a nervous breakdown more than likely.

  • May 4 '12

    I got my scrubs and 4 out of 10 books in today!! Those scrubs ARE thick.....and so are the books!!! Geez, I sure hope we will be using them for all semesters.....

  • May 3 '12

    Never assume the relation between patient and visitors.

    I've put my foot in my mouth one too many times

    "Oh you must be the daughter.....oh, wife...sorry"

    The worst and last assumption I made was something like confusing who was mother and who was daughter

    (don't even ask me how I accomplished this, but the patient was a hard looking thirty....never mind, I was an idiot, still makes my face turn red to remember the awkward silence that followed the correction)

    Don't EVER assume family relations.......

  • May 3 '12

    That's why I bought a pair of glasses that were clear and made me look quazi intelligent. They protect you from those squirts and spits without looking like you are deep space expolration with the provided ones.