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  • Jul 27 '17

    How many people actually come out of school with their dream job in any industry? Just because a nursing student is excited and hopeful that does not make them an idiot or mean that they assume life will be perfect after graduation. Every job market is struggling...does that mean every person considering a career change or just graduating from high school should just take an entry level position at 10$ an hour and try to make that work the rest of their lives? I think higher education will always be worth it even if you don’t get a job in your field right away. There is an ebb and flow in any job market and the skills you gain from any degree, certification, etc. will be helpful at some point in your life. I do agree that having huge amounts of student loans is a bad idea, but some people are determined to go through school regardless of the cost. I totally understand giving good, caring advice to a friend but I believe a lot of the negativity about the medical/nursing field has to do with people's own insecurities about their jobs. I also believe you should say what you believe and then be done with it...there is no reason to discourage someone from learning new skills...even if YOU believe they won’t be helpful in the future. Did someone tell you not to go into nursing when you were trying to get through school? If so I am sorry, but that doesn’t mean you should continue to spread the negative misconceptions and paranoia about nursing. There is an abundance of information about nursing job shortages all over the internet and all nurses is a good example of that...the nursing students in your life don’t need any more discouragement from their "friends" and family, there is plenty already to go around!