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    Quote from pricklypear
    you're right, a hospital cannot legally deport a person. your comment just triggered me to wonder why our government doesn't do more to legally deport these chronically ill people. they have no problem deporting people they find crossing the border, but why not these folks? if they need medical care, deport them to the nearest hospital in their home country.


    how is deportation "anti ethical?"
    deportation is not antiethical. it is antiethical when they slip across our borders....breaking our laws....and taxing our healthcare system to the point where we have trouble providing care for our legal citizens that are sick, elderly and poor. they broke the l;aw to get here....stabilize them and send them back via air, sea, mail i dont care.

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    oh my. That poor family. To know....that things could have possibly been different if only there had not been a communication breakdown. I dont think I can make excuses for this nurse...I mean....the pupils were fixed. So....why didnt she notify the MD? You learn that in nsg school....the pupils were not sluggish...they were fixed. The slim chance he did have at life....was removed by her inactions. Sure thedoc threw her under the bus....but....the pt is dead.....and teh MD was never notified of the neuro change. This was a person......a life....and the only chance they had to live was effectively removed by this nurses inactions.

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    Quote from chapis
    indeed he wanted to go home and the hospital granted his wish, but if he had a legal guardian-what are the proper steps the hospital would've had to take him back to his country?
    the "legal guardian" was a cousin....who would not accept him into his home. so he was not willing to provide care for him and his home country was. and again...the patient wanted to go home.

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    Quote from bchapp3182
    hospitals should routinely deport any chronically sick illegal alien back to their home country, asap and send a bill to the home country for payment or legal action. as a matter of fact any illegal alien-and yes they are "aliens" because they are foreign to our country-seeking any care in the us should be denied care and deported if they can't pay for it. if its an emergency condition it should be stabilized for survival and immediate deportation. no free births, no anchor babies, no more sky-rocketing property taxes for anchor babies to get free education either. why do you think states like ca are facing bankruptsy? the us spends trillions of our hard earned tax dollars on illegal aliens every year, while many of our veterans and citizens go without! that is disgusting.

    to learn the reality of illegals cost our country a great site to join is called alipac.
    amen! we are teetering on the verge ...dare i say it? of a depression...and alot of us think we are already there. we need to stabilize them and then transport them back to their home country because they are here ...illegally. the right thing to to transfer them back to their home country once stabilized so that they can get the care they need their own country.

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    Fla. hospital defends secretly deporting patient
    All sides agree on one thing in the strange case of a South Florida hospital that secretly repatriated a seriously brain injured patient back to Guatemala.
    During the early hours of a steamy July 2003 morning, Martin Memorial Medical Center chartered a private plane and sent 37-year-old Luis Jimenez back to the Central American country without telling his relatives in the U.S. or Guatemala — even as his cousin and legal guardian, Montejo Gaspar, frantically sought to stop the move.
    There, things get murky. Gaspar is suing the hospital for essentially deporting Jimenez, who was an illegal immigrant. The hospital, which spent more than $1.5 million on his care over three years, says Jimenez wanted to go home.

    Here is a link to news about a Florida hospital that deported a patient to his home country. What is ironic is the news is making this out to be like he was "deported" bc of his illegal immigration status and that isnt it. He was transferred home bc he asked to be . He was in a strange country with minimal family and no one to care for him. he wanted to go home to his family, the hospital arranged it. Granted ...they should have coordinated this MUCH better...but what is your opinion? How long should we provide free care to illegal aliens that we have no chance of ever recouping the money from ...WHEN their home country says they are willing and ABLE to care for them if we will transfer them back? Is this another back door tactic trying to get illegal aliens temporary assylum here for " medical ailments"? I mean the patients asked to go home...the country said they could care for him....and the family here in the US ( illegally) wouldnt provide the care for him or accept him into their home. What is your opinion?

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    Quote from lovelymo79
    hi everyone!

    i'm a nursing student (first year - diploma program) starting next month! i have an interview next friday for a nursing assistant position on a telemetry floor. i know basically what a nursing assistant does (my school requires us to take a nursing assistant course before starting school in august. i'm in it now and love it! it started last week and we've already had 3 days of clinicals). so, my school's hospital (my school is apart of a hospital - it's a diploma program) allows us to work there as nursing assistants when we're done with the course (end of this month).

    so, i just wanted to know what you guys think (how helpful will it be in nursing school..i know i'll atleast learn how to read the ekg strips!)...what should i expect..any tips as a new nursing assistant who is also a student..any advice in general (as well as what should i express in the interview. i'm a 2nd career person..who worked in corporate america. however, i worked as a unit secretary years before entering corporate america).

    thanks all!! :bowingpur
    you will learn a tremendous amount of valuable information and gain insight on alot of disease processes. it is one thing to learn about chf in a book. it is quite another to see how that actually manifests in the ekg strip. you can see the low qrs voltage waves...maybe afib....long qti...different things in diff patients. chf results in a big enlarged floppy heart ( basically)....and all the abnormal conduction issues that go along with it. you will learn about the effects of digoxin and see will learn about the effects of beta blockers and see their effects......cardizem when the rate runs high and see how it affects things. it is just an incredible opportunity for for you! this is great!

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    1. your doctor is a jackass....most of his patients die . some from neglect.....some from just purely ignorant crap he does to them. have a good day.
    2. please tell us what really keep showing up with injuries that dont match your story. dont you realize you have value and worth? that you deserve so much better in life than to stay with the jerk who keeps himself plastered to you each time you come in the er to simply make sure you never utter a word to implicate him?:heartbeat

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    Quote from jb2007
    do any of you have trouble caring about what patients, residents, or anybody does anymore? today the nurse on 3rd shift was telling me that so and so just will not get out of bed anymore. all i could do is look at her and say i do not care. if she wants to lay in that bed and rot let her. i have talked until i am blue in the face with this a&o x 3 resident and she chooses to not get out of bed. i am sick and tired of teaching people and they do not do a single thing i ask them to do. i think that the residents, management, and my co-workers have sucked the passion of nursing out of me to the point that i do not think
    hmm....dont know quite where to begin. here goes- take a vacation.....and then get another job. to be good at have to like it. to be great at have to love it. if you feel you are emotionally drained....then take a break please......and then look for something that sparks your interest. bc...patients will sense your lack of interest and empathy.....and it will show. they will be less likely to frankly discuss health concerns....and it will impact them. just showing up....and not being 100% there...available isnt ok. find that area that sparks your interest.......but first.......please take a break and recoup

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    Quote from bdbrdb
    i have a resident who constantly asks for her pain meds even after you've given them to her. our manager stated in a meeting that this res should be given her meds first when you start your med pass. the problem is that you give this res her meds as ordered, and is the first one to recieve meds, but she still chases you asking for her meds. or she says no you didn't give me the right meds. if you explain to her, i gave you the meds that your md prescribed. and you can only get your pain pills q6hr it's not time for your pain pill. she'll say okay, but then a few min later returns and asks for her meds. this res has fallen out of her w/c trying to transfer self into bed at 6p inorder to recieve her evening meds which are given at 8p. if you try to explain that no matter what time she gets into bed she will not recieve her meds until it's 8p, or if you explain to her that no matter if she's in the dr or by the ns her nurse will find her and give her the meds when it's time. i can't seem to get her to understand. any ideas on how to deal with this type of patient?
    hmm.....i hate to even say she getting adequate pain control? too many times patients, esp the elderly.....are not having their health concerns addressed adequately. if she is still asking for pain meds...after she has gotten them.....then maybe the major problem isnt her memory...but the fact that she isnt getting adequate pain control.

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    Quote from sissiesmama
    keys - hello - it's late, and i just wanted to say that i am glad you are there for your friend through all this. i got caught for diversion back in august of 1999. i had gone through a very nasty divorce, and since i had started using on a daily basis, i had alienated so many of my friends and family. i figured that of the ones that knew me well, it wouldn't take long for one of them to realize what i was doing. after i got caught, it was almost like they (esp. fellow nurses) thought it was like i had the plague or something and they would be looked at too, kind of guilt by association.

    i had very few friends who stuck by me, i so much hated to tell my dad, that i asked my mom to call him and tell him after we had crossed the line into another parish while on my way to rehab. i was always a daddy's girl, and that was the phone call i never made myself place before i went in.

    i am glad you are there for your friend. with everything going on, he may not be in a very good "place" right now. he will be angry, whether it is anger towards himself, to you, to any body. lord knows i was - and i knew i didn't have the right to be angry to others, it's not like i was set up, anything like that. i was just stupid.

    you have given him something he will appreciate, either now or later in recovery - your friendship. even if he isn't in the plaace to apppreciate it right now, he will.

    as an addict, thanks for being there for him. some friends just don't a lot of times, it is hard living with "us". like i said, there weren't many there for me then and i hated it going inro rehab with no support systems. he will meet other addicts while in treatment, but i appreciated having one stand by me then.

    anne, rnc
    i am pretty niave when it comes to this stuff.....i admit it. jack said he thought that i should perhaps see a counselor to see why it bothers me. i dont think i really have to do that. a counselor might tell me i have trust issues bc when i was a child my dad said he was going to take me fishin and then he didnt. but.....that isnt it. in the er....and the pods( critical care) ....we all are very a family. we trust each other . and ....we all .....i have 10 coworkers reading this everyday with me and some tidbits ...are from me and some are from my coworkers. but....we all feel guilty. we are like a second family....and we didnt notice that things had gotten this bad.....we all didnt notice a problem. so...we all feel a huge amount of guilt...bc he is calling all of us several times a day....and we understand how out of control and upside down his life is. but...for me.....i am distancing myself somewhat till he is further along in the program....and calmer. i have a busy busy life, just found out my mom has cancer ( monday) son got in a wreck over the weekend and is in pt bettter half wants the living room painted and the daughter is moving back home ....and my coworkers.....are not working. they are busy breathing down my neck reading this thread over my shoulder. go back to work now!!!!!!!!
    now......this thread....has helped alot of us here. i have 10 coworkers standing here reading this with me everyday. some comments are from them...some from me. but we all feel the same. he is part of our dysfunctional second family here. .....and we all feel guilty to varying degrees...that we didnt notice...that there was a almost cost him his license. where all this is coming all of our comments. we are all very tight nit.....we know everything about all of each others lives....and we trust each other. he lied to us......but we let him down. we didnt recognize there was a major issue...till it slapped us in the face. and the bathroom deal......i have 10 people reading this thread......and nine out of 1o of us said if we saw a coworker making multiple trips to the bathroom we'd think uti, renal calculi...etc...not drugs. only one said they'd think drugs....and jack....i am sending her for a drug screen now. lol. but....we all.....feel like we let him down. he will still have all 10 of us there for him....some more so than others depending on whats going on in our own lives...and we all plan on going to one of the alanon meetings at the end of teh month. our unit secretary is looking for one of the ones listed as "open " for us. but.....speaking for me....and my unit of cohorts that have posted here under my name.....thank you for sharing your insights, your knowledge and your links...and your own personal stories. it helped. what is behind our good old fashioned guilt. we are a dysfunctional functional family here at work. quirky personalities,...19 degrees between all 10 of us.....and we didnt even notice there was a problem till it slapped us in the face and he almost lost his license.

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    Quote from ginger45
    i am kind of late to this, but being just plain stressed out or burned out can cause some of those symptoms. i use the bathroom frequently because i have an overactive bladder. but as i have always said, "drug test me anytime, i don't care, no way am i going to risk my license for drugs."
    hmm...i dont understand. what do you mean? being stressed out can cause you to become an alcoholic or addicted to drugs? i mean.....i guess stress may play a part....but i am not sure what you mean. from what i have read their is a big physiological component that kinda gets activated if you are predispositioned for addiction. i dont understand what u mean......just bc people go to the bathroom alot...nobody thinks there on drugs.....hell id think they had a uti before id think they had a problem with drugs or etoh.

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    Quote from exnursie
    you need to keep these 3 things in mind ( the 3 c's of alanon)
    1, you did not cause this
    2, you cannot cure him
    3, you cannot control what he thinks , does, says...

    i admire your desire to be involved, but in all honesty,for someone who is not an addict to try to understand the though processes and the behaviors that an addict uses is very difficult to grasp and instead you should look more into alanon and how they deal with addicts.
    right now...i think...he just needs to concentrate on him. so...i am just going to leave him be for awhile. let him sort stuff out and in a few months or weeks....try to see whats up. i mean..until everybody sees what he is going to do....we cant help. whats that old saying? god helps those who help hopefully he will see this as a way to a better life.

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    I keep trying to wrap my brain around it...and I dont understand it. Part of me...can see maybe how some of this works,..but it still doesnt make sense. I feel like I was lied to ...bc I was lied to. Now...I listen when he calls....I listen when his kids call...and when his mom calls.....and I am now thinking he is feeding us all a line of BS and maybe ....they have to deal with it. But I ...just dont. So...I think....until he does get it together Id be better off just cutting off the ties until he deals with this stuff. I dont even think he can establish a relationship with his mom and kids till he deals with all this I am just probably feeding into his pity party. I know you guys have probably had alot of friends kinda walk away out of your life when things kinda got ....I guess.....while I have learned a tremendous amount from you guys......maybe......I can help you can understand WHY some have walked out of your life too. You guys were and still are successful, smart , well educated , personable......and we dont understand. I ...probably like alot of your friends, wonder if I am still gettting manipulated or lied to. When I asked my friend if he had a problem....he made me feel guilty or bad I had even asked. then when I found out he TRULY did have a problem...I felt lied to....and then felt like I had to question everything he said...or everything he tells anyone to screen them for lies. I know all this stuff is so complicated.....but when you feel like you are having to internally screen everything for cant be healthy for anyone. So.....I know he is a good guy. But....I would just be better to just stay away for a few months till he gets more of a grip with his life. Then maybe he can deal with his kids,...and then his family....and when he is more sober...add friends back to the mix. And I have heard from a few people ....that had hard feelings bc friends just scattered by the wayside after your "intervention". I hope you guys realize...maybe they just didnt want to complicate things,...and that they probably didnt want to make things worse for you...and that maybe....they felt like I do. That you'd be best left to sort through your problems and primary family members issues befor eyou added friends to the mix. I want to thank each of you....while I still dont fully understand this stuff...I do have a bettter idea of it. I want to thank you for sharing your stories and insight. If my friend was as far along as you guys are in your acknowledgement...Id stick around.....but he isnt. So I cant see myself helping him I think I am going to do the best thing I can do.....leave him alone to sort out his issues.I dont want it to seem like I reported him and then walked isnt like that. I feel guilty...really guilty I reported him. But...I cant make his get control of his life....what I can walk away and let him focus all his time and energy into dealing with his issues. And maybe .....this is what happened to some of the people in your lives too. And now....that you have reached the point in your recovery....I bet they'd like to hear from you.

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    I think I am just going to step out of his life for awhile....and BTW...jack/ said I cant help my friend by becoming obsessed by learning everything in a couple weeks. I want to clarify....I didnt know anything before I started asking questions here. I am sorry if my questions seemed" obsessed". I was actually trying to just educate myself. The case manager person...I havent spoke to since a day or so after I reported him. The information I have gotten is from him or his family and I have no idea if it is accurate or not. That is why I have asked questions. This is just too much....I think I will stop taking hi s calls. I have no idea what is the truth anymore and I dont want people thinkin I am obsessed bc I wanted to help a friend. Thank you all for the information you provided...and for sharing your wisdom, insight and personal stories.

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    Quote from magsulfate
    well, it sounds like probably, if your friend relapses, he will be drunk. you will be able to tell. you'll see him with a drink in his hand, or you will see him drunk.

    also, just to clarify, i'm not fighting my demons anymore. anyone in good recovery will probably agree with me that their demons are locked up, and only growl every now and then. i am not fighting off my demons anymore and anyone working as a case manager or advocate will be the same. otherwise how can one help others if they are still having difficulty with their own recovery?

    also, is this your significant other or are you his supervisor? i am very familiar with the workings of tpapn and know that it is a very confidential program, and they wouldn't be talking to you unless you were one of these, or you were working on his case as a manager or advocate. this information brings to light a whole new issue. just be very careful, go on with life, but right now it is priority number one for him to recover and stay sober. it doesn't have to be the center of every conversation, but it will be a conversation that you'll have everyday for a while. and it is something that will be in the back of your mind, and his, all the time.
    ok...first of all i am not his anything.i am one of the few..actually the only friend that has stuck around. i talk to him daily...or his family. secondly...i am not a moron. i dont think he'd have to be falling down drunk to have relapsed...or that he'd have a glass in his hand. he actually hid his drinking very well at work. nothin even seemed amiss till he showed up dog ass drunk. i mean...he chewed halls cough drops alot.....but his behavoir at work never seemed drunk till this last time. nothing tipped us i dont think i agree with the fact that you said i could recognize that he had relapsed bc he'd have a drink in his hand and he'd be drunk...bc not how he was before. i can see why some friends do walk away. i am here trying to get some insight to help somebody that is a friend. so....i am sorry that you think all the nurses and doctors that worked with him for years are not recognizing he had a problem. i am sorry i get accused of being something more than a concerned friend. i take his calls. i take his family's calls. i take his kids calls. now how much of it is 100% true i dont know.but...i take their calls. this is why i was asking about him being able to visit family out of town. geez.......maybe you didnt mean it like that but 1. i am actually a decent person trying to help a friend...nothing else. he doesnt have alot of support and when his family leaves it will be even less. didnt know i was going to get accused of all kinda things bc i was trying to get info. i am not a moron.
    and...this is a good guy. has always helped people. patients with no money come in......and the kids are there with nothing to eat...he goes to mcd's and gets them food. pregnant pt comes in with no money to get home after a abusive husband gets carted off to jail for breaking her ribs...he buys her a cab fare home.
    and from what i have seems like this is always a struggle. so your demons dont ever go away....they just hibernate....and hopefully never awake and that is what i meant. not that they are struggling each day not to relapse....just that it is probably good to have someone who is educated on the topic.....and not having hibernating bears to deal with.but again...i am not a moron....nor were the other dr's and nurses.