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    Around Boston, or up to an hr away

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    Quote from chaisaci
    Privatus home care solutions is good and they pay well also. They are all over and expanding.
    thank you! I will look them up tomorrow!

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    Quote from Selene006
    Centrus homecare has private duty extended care clients as well as skilled visits. They have an office in Needham and Plymouth.
    Thank you!

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    Quote from chaisaci
    I am not sure what you are looking for-you say home care but then say you can only find Co. That do visits. That is what home are is. If you can be more specific I might have some places for you!
    I'm looking for private duty home care. Sorry for the confusion!

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    Does anyone know of private duty companies in or around Boston?(other than PSA). I have been trying to look it up, but am mostly finding home care agencies that do visits, I need to find a private duty agency.

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    Quote from tcvnurse
    The Health Care act has done a lot more good than people realize. It got rid of 'preexisting conditions' that insurance companies could use to deny coverage.

    Example: Two years ago, I had serious heart palpitations. Saw my MD, had a 12 lead done and some bloodwork. Went back to work the same day. Ended up calling 911 from my office after I almost passed out. Guess what? I paid for that whole danged ER visit because Blue Cross decided I had a preexisting condition. OKAY!

    My daughter who has type 1 diabetes clearly would have been in trouble with her preexisting condition.

    Also, it enabled college age kids to be eligable to stay on their parents insurance until 26 if necessary.

    FYI, anyone care to take a guess how much it costs to be a diabetic in the wonderful USA? Let's see, Lantus is about 160.00$ a bottle, and you need a new bottle every month. Lispro, pretty expensive. Test strips, lancets, syringes, glugagon.When she was diagnosed I HAD INSURANCE and it cost me about 600.00$ AFTER INSURANCE to pay for her FIRST MONTH of supplies.

    I am a single mother, who has been working full time without interruption since becoming an RN ten years ago.
    Do I support the Health Care Act? Oh hell yes.

    I can see everyone concerns about the overall plan, I'm not sure how wise it is in its entirety. But certain aspects of it are certainly helpful.
    I graduated nursing school last year (at 22).. I was on my parents insurance through school but as soon as I graduated they dropped me(& of course it took a few months to find a job). luckily I was able to use this Obamacare to my advantage and get back on the plan for free(til in 26!!). I work FT as a nurse but I also have addisons, which means it would be very hard for me to get insurance and i'd be paying so much more. for that, I support (at least) this part of the act! ^not to mention I have insurance but an ER copay is still $100... if I were unemployed and on government money an ER visit would be free........ something's just not right there.

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    I'm having the same problem!! I kind of feel like a fool applying to these positions due to my address being so far away! This certainly doesn't help you, but hopefully someone will have some good advice!
    Good luck!

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    you can do both. there were several people in my class who had babies. it won't be easy, but certainly possible.

    also, If you're questioning it this much and willing to take strangers opinions, especially about something as life changing as having a baby, I would consider that a red flag on the whole baby thing.

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    Wow, this thread is interesting(with
    the varied views from actual nurses to prospective nurses)!

    my opinion: you do have to be passionate about nursing to get into it. otherwise you will be miserable at your job which will affect the quality of care you give to your patients(yes, I realize this is an assumption).

    HOWEVER, it is just a job and people need to realize that. to claim you're fully passionate and will continue to thrive on passion alone as a nurse is very naive. (my opinion) you need to look at it as "a job" and leave your work behind at the end of your shift or else you will get burned out very fast.

    I don't mean to sound rude with this:
    but it seems as if the "future nurses" on this thread are a little judgmental and unrealistic. Pre nursing, nursing school and actual nursing are very different worlds!!

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    nrskaren & zookeeper,
    thanks for the advice, I'll have to look into those areas

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    Quote from missladyrn
    How much expeRience do you have?
    not much I have 7mos experience in pedi home care

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    I'm just curious to know If anyone knows what states/cities are good for finding nursing jobs?

    I realllllly want to relocate to Boston, but I'm finding the job market in MA isn't that great. I'm not giving up on the dream but I'm starting to realize I might need to have a backup plan and gain a year or 2 of experience in a good hospital. I'm currently in NJ and probably could land a new job if I try hard enough, but I don't want a new job in NJ, I want to get out of here!! haha.

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    After you take the NCLEX go to Pearson vue And try to register to take the test again(pick a different date). if you passed it should say you're already registered. if you failed it'll let you continue to register. good luck!

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    For a situation like swimming the way I see it is if the parents are allowing this child to swim, they are going to swim regardless if I'm in the pool or not - so either way it's my responsibility to make sure the child is safe, as I'm the only RN on duty. I am very protective when it comes to water(even while bathing the child.) This kid(4y/o) will make comments in the pool like "let me swim by myself", that's when I nicely tell her I'm going to stay right by you or you don't swim - this way she really doesn't have a chance to go under because I'm right there. Also when I'm there she has to have one of the swimsuits with a built in float.
    Like cali said make sure it's within your agency guidelines and document that you had the conversation with your agency.

    Some nurses suggest to be by the pool and watch over, that situation makes me totally uncomfortable, esp with siblings in the pool. God forbid she started to go underwater it would take me a lot more time to jump in and go under to get her than if I'm standing next to her the whole time with my hands right there just in case.

    I've never been to court for any nursing issues so I don't have experience on the issue, but my thinking is as a PD pedi nurse we are 100% responsible for the child through out the shift, no matter what happens(and as you know these kids manage to get in to a lot!!) So as long as we're there and act within reason I don't see a problem. Without having extensive water rescue training, as nurses it is within our scope of practice to know how to handle any emergency that happens on our shift. CPR/911 etc.. I personally don't see how swimming/water rescue knowledge is different from reacting to any other emergency that may arise in the home setting.