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    Originally posted by Mariah:
    I work for a company that makes computer systems for critical care, including NICU. NICU nurses use computers similar to nurses in other areas of critical care/hospital. This includes critical care flowsheet, notes, medication administration, care plans/pathways, various forms such as admission forms, etc can all be done on the computer. For critical care, there is also automatic physiocalculations (such as BSA based upon weight/height), I&O calculations, and drug dosage calculations (such as drip infusions). Information is automatically retrieved from the bedside devices such as cardiac monitors, vents, infusion pumps, etc and provided as information to be stored in the flowsheet (with nurse validation).
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  • 0 name is fai and I am a freshmen in college. i just wanted to know how nurses...neo natal nurses...use computers in their field? It is for a project that i am doing. so please reply before the 20 of sept. thank you so much i really appreciate it.