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    Many years ago I worked the 3-11 and found it conducive to my life. I got home showered, went to bed at a decent time, 1 ish; and was able to be up by 7 and go about my day. I also worked the 11p-7a and hated it: Day people can be merciless, if you know what I mean. I've also worked the CNA 7p-7a and, ugh, I was whipped the first day off after shift; nothing ever got done around the house. Now I'm looking at a PCT 3p-3a Friday to Monday; and as I am still a BSN student I can sleep through first class at 8am (lol). We'll see how it goes.

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    Ok. I have to chime in. The new high school diploma needs to be a BA/BS. An AA/AS just won't cut it if you want to run with the big dogs.
    Me. I'm coming into this with a BA Business Admin as a foundation degree, plus military EMT. Yeah I do things a little backward.
    With that said, my work history is 20yrs of commercial construction. You think nurses (looking for jobs) have it rough. Ironically I built hospitals... lol.
    Hey. It is what it is.
    I came to this site looking for advise on entry level LPN slots. Things are tough all over.
    I am looking at being an LPN filling in a CNA job for... that coveted 1 year. Maybe more if I get into a good facility I can play CNA for awhile and get promoted. There is always nurses without borders. That is a tough gig.
    Getting one year is a ticket to ride.
    Eventually I will get into RN med surgery with the VA, and management, and directorship. Don't we all wish.
    Keep you heads up and good luck out there.