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  • Jul 7 '12

    Question: why identify yourself as an African American Male?Just be a nursing student.

  • Jul 7 '12

    December of 2013 baby!!

    Yeah yeah!! Lol.

  • Jul 7 '12

    I'm in my 2nd semester and will graduate December 2013!

  • Jul 7 '12

    December 2013 baby!!!

  • Jul 7 '12

    I can't decide if I am more excited or more terrified! I kinda wish we had gone straight through so I wouldn't have all this downtime. At least my externship will start soon so I can feel nurse-y again.

  • Jul 7 '12

    I'm thinking about laminating my flash cards so I can study in the shower.

  • Jul 4 '12

    Update: Passed my first semester with Bs, now halfway through my second semester with all As. Rocking it, and loving every minute of my clinicals! Much more satisfied with my abilities and competence level now!

  • Jun 30 '12

    ... When you use bandage scissors to wrap your holiday presents.

  • Jun 28 '12

    Well, I used to read these posts and think, "wow really?" Now last semester I had 2 great instructors and one absolutely horrid. As far as people that say, "oh its okay because they make me a better nurse blah blah...." I don't agree at all. I have had instructors that are a little difficult and intimidating and one in particular that was very ahrd and I did learna ton from her and greatly appreciate her but I think there is a big difference between that and just down right nasty instructors like the op is talking about which I did have this past semester. SHe embarassed students regularly, harped on people so bad that there hands would be shaking and they would make stupid mistakes. Nothing was ever learned because we spent almost all of our time on the floor sitting in room listening to how wonderful she was. She would laugh and make fun of us at the nurses station and the nurses would just have these awful looks on their faces. It sucked, was a waste of time, and I learned absolutely nothing, except how much I appreciate all my other clinical instructors.

  • Jun 26 '12

    I have found that the worst infection control offenders are the MDs.
    I have witnessed more nursing examples, but the truly shocking ones were committed by doctors.

  • Jun 25 '12

    Thank you everyone for the congrats!

    Quote from NurseJacqpott

    I start school Monday at Rio Hondo College. I am so excited! Did the time go by fast for you.

    What advice can you give me? I mean what do you wish someone would have told you that would have made school easier or at least given you a little insight on what you were in for?
    NurseJacqpott, congrats on getting into Rio Hondo College! Time did and didn't go fast for me. I bridged into the ADN program as an LVN so the journey was a long one. However, my RN schooling seemed to fly by really fast. I think all of the the nights studying, staying up late, waking up early for 7AM clinicals, and having absolutely no social life made it go by so fast. I lived and breathed nursing school the whole time.

    Advice which I would give to you are the following...

    1. Stay determined and focused. Remember why you wanted to be in the program in the first place. You will have good days and you will have REALLY REALLY REALLY bad days. You will want to give up but, if you are focused and determined, it will make the program a little bit tolerable.

    2. It's okay to say "No" for any family or friend functions (birthdays, weddings, Christmas, New Year's, etc). While in nursing school just study. You will have time to socialize later.

    3. Always be prepared. Have all your supplies ready (black pens, calculator, drug book, stethoscope, name badge, penlight, scantron, etc) It will make your life much easier in nursing school.

    That's all the advice I have. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. I'd be glad to help you out. Good luck!

  • Jun 24 '12

    Do I get to pick my schedule? Yes!

    Sleep? What is that?! Lol.

    Coffee, Mt Dew & Red Bull have become my new BFF's

  • Jun 24 '12

    i just made it thru first semester...and i sooooo know what you mean!

    from day one i was behind and felt like that the whole 16 weeks!

    24 hrs in a day is def not enough!