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  • Sep 18 '16

    I just finished my OB rotation at Kaiser Santa Clara and they hire new grads into many units.. L & D, Mother/Baby, NICU, PICU, ICU... I guess some Kaisers are different. Many of the grads from my school went directly into those units and claim that the training programs were in depth enough to start them off.

  • Mar 20 '12

    Ha ha! Yeah, I just got the call five minutes ago. I'm pretty sure she thought I was half-crazy I was laughing so much by way of being delirious and incapable of believing I was having that conversation. Katie I will see you at orientation I can't even believe it!!

    So at least that's awesome news to those at 20+ on the list. If they went through the first 11 in just over three weeks...

  • Mar 20 '12

    Just got "the Call" and accepted! Obvi... That means you are next aluflow! Super excited to meet all you in person at orientation! I hope everyone on the waitlist and waiting to hear back about SM campus gets to know the feeling I have right now of complete elation! Yay SMU ABSN Summer 2012-13!