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    Hi whatsmyname

    Do not worry about hospital experience. I was accepted NYU ABSN this spring and now I am completing pre-reqs at NYU before I start clinical sequence from fall. I don't have any hospital experience or any volunteer experience.

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    It's approximately $21,000 per semester and ABSN has total 4 semesters.

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    Hi smichaud, ssv78, and RhodyRed,

    Thank you very much for the reply!
    I am relieved to hear that I might be able to take classes in summer! I will meet an advisor and talk about registration.

    Thanks again and good luck to you too!

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    Hello all,

    I received an acceptance email on Nov 15th. I am very happy that I have been accepted but at the same time I am very nervous!

    I need to finish 4 pre-requisits, AP, Microbio, Dev Psych, and Nutrition. Does anyone know if I have to finish these courses in first semester? Do you know if it is okay to take them in Spring and Summer if any of them are offered in Summer?

    It seems 4 courses in one semester is too much...but I also understand that once I get in to the accelerated program, there will be more than 5 courses in one semester. Scary!