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    Hi Chrisjbj06,

    I've tried the PVT as well. Do you remember what the pop up message exactly said? Mine is just saying I've recently taken the exam and cannot reschedule at this time. Delivery was successful and it does NOT take me to the credit card page.

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    unfortunately, California doesn't participate in the 48 hour results program...I SO WISH!!!

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    Morning All,

    I'm California and I took the NCLEX-PN on June 23rd and still waiting for results and nauseous EVERY TIME I walk to the mailbox. There's always rumors or speculation about whether or not one has passed depending on how many questions you took on the exam. Well...I took ALL 205. At the beginning of the of the exam, it said between 85-205. I took 4.5 hours, without a break.

    I've heard of a "trick" to figure out if you've passed. You go online to Pearson VUE after taking NCLEX-PN and try to register again to take the exam. IF you cannot register, then you've likely PASSED. IF you CAN register, then you have NOT passed and need to re-register to take NCLEX-PN.

    Has anyone ever heard of this trick? Any thoughts? Yes-I realize my results are whatever they're going to be, but I am curious...

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    if your loans are federal loans that have defaulted it may be difficult in many if not all states to take and license with the NCLEX-PN because of your poor standing. Is there a way for you to work with company that manages your defauled loans? I fell behind on some loans in the past and contacted the companies, explained my financial situation and worked out an arrangement to get my loans back in good standing in a "financial hardship deferment"...

    Keep your head up and don't give, I'm sure there's a solution!!

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    I am 40, and just began a LVN program in July. Although I already have a BA and a Masters, this the route I chose for a variety of reasons. One of them being that most/if not all the "in person" BSN programs I looked at for 2nd degree nursing programs were full time, during the day and took about 2 years, NOT counting the pre-reqs. Because of the trend for RN's to have earned a BSN, I would highly suggest pursuing a BSN and not an ADN. Of course, these are all very personal choices.

    I agree with "itsmejuli", think long and hard prior to entering the nursing profession. Having had multiple surgeries and hospital stays (I'm totally healthy now), I could feel and tell the nurses who truly ejoyed their careers versus the nurses, who beyond having a bad day, were obviously NOT happy where they were. There seems to have been an influx of nursing students and graduates, and you'll see posted all over, there a lot of new grad RN's who are finding it very difficult to find work, depending on what region of the country you live in.

    This is certainly NOT to discourage you...just food for thought. I am also going to check out the book you mentioned...Good Luck to you!!

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    Hi Fruitypebbles,

    Thank you so much for having the courage to post your GPA situation. I too have a 2.75 GPA for my BA, which I earned 12 years ago!!! Like you, I have matured quite a bit and improved my study and test taking habits. I went on to earn a MA in Clinical Psychology. This past spring I turned 40, and thankfully have a husband and familiy and friends who strongly encouraged me to FINALLY pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. My decision was to actually begin to pursue my LVN, and then attend a Bridge LVN-BSN/RN. I am in the process of completing my first term. I also became a Licensed Phlebotomist, to add to my experience/resume/CV. I did this on the advice of several admission counselors.

    I agree with others on this thread that you'll probably need to look at private schools and/or take additional courses to raise your GPA. Speak to recriters, ask them which courses you should take over? Usually, I've been told it should be the science pre-reqs. Maybe that's an option for you, depending on what your grades were in these courses.

    Keep your chin up and stay focused!! Good Luck!!

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    Way to GO on the half marathon!!!
    I'm entering finals next week...9/17. I too am in a LVN program M-Th, I try to go walking 5 evenings a week/30 minutes with my husband but I've felt so tired lately from studying and being stressed out, I haven't been sticking to it. I know if I did just make a bigger effort, it would help!! Not only for me physically but mentally/spritually too!! Just reading this thread encourages me to make a better effort tonight!!

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    Hi HopefulLPN83,

    I too have dyscalculia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and some discussion of ADD. I tested in CC over 20 years ago after attempting general Algebra 5 TIMES and still not passing!! Math has always been a problem for me. I've learned to compensate, I can usually remember a phone number when TOLD to me but the same phone number shown to me written down, I'm apt to transpose the numbers. I am usually able to memorize the upcoming month when I remember a specific event happening on a specific day/date, I can then memorize the rest of the month. I developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder when it comes to test taking and even though I already have a BA and a Masters degree, I chose to go for my LVN first, instead of doing a BSN/RN as a second degree because, although I did well in A & P, I actually had panic attacks on test days in Chemistry. I've learned over the years some test taking strategies, mainly taking my tests alone and not with my class (I start to get anxious when I see fellow classmates finishing before me) and also being granted 1.5 times for tests. Since I have my GAD documented, I simply ask my doctor for a letter with above mentioned accommodations, the school is required to provide these accommodations due to the Americans With Disabilities Act (as long as it is documented). I have literally seen test scores go up by 20% when provided with these accommodations. Check out the websites below for other stories, legal matters and reassurance you are NOT alone and YOU can do this!!

    Here's a few websites to check out specifically related to nurses with disabilities:


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    Hi there!!

    Welcome to!!

    WOW!! I am so sorry about your situation..I too am in California, and have just started my LVN program, entering into the 7th week today...I have never heard of this law requiring that LVN's have 1 year of experience prior to hiring? I googled it and cannot seem to find it...have you seen this law in writing or referred to a California State website that states this law? I'd really like to know this for myself...Are you CA State licensed as a Phlebotomist? Certified in IV Therapy? Any other licenses or certifications besides your LVN license? I licensed as a Phlebotomist a year ago, because, even though I knew that subject is covered in a LVN program, several schools around my area, including my own, informed me ahead of time that an additional license would look very good on my resume upon completion. About a third of my Phlebotomy class were either licensed LVN's or in a LVN program.

    I am certainly not doubting you were told about this law, however, I am curious about the validity of the MAY be illegal to make this statement. It sounds a lot like what I was told when I was looking for Phlebotomy positions...and like you said "How is it possible to obtain experience if these places are not willing to give a new LVN grad. the opportunity?"

    Please keep us posted...I wish you the very best and don't give up!!

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    I am currently a LVN student and am a Licensed Phlebotomist. Yes, I do get asked, when in public, first, what do I do, when I say I'm a Licensed Phlebotomist and a LVN student, I get "oh, OK, so I went to my doctor's office today and got labs drawn and almost passed, what does that mean"? in the middle of the produce section at the grocery store!!! I ALWAYS preface, 1, I'm not a doctor, 2, I'm a STUDENT, 3, if it were me, I'd go/call my doctor...what's kind of scary (and funny) is the power of the scrubs!!

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    I would definitely take Phlebotomy. I took it last Spring and in my class I'd say 1/3 were currently working LVN's or in VN school. I just started my VN this July, and I was kind of schocked by how littlw time is spent on Phlebotomy skills. I know you're doing your ADN, but it's a great skill to have. I've been working as a Paramedical Examiner (independent contractor) performing life insurance exams in people's homes and offices. Blood draws, vitals and filling out paperwork. Most exams take less than 30 minutes and the pay is around $25 a visit. The pay is pretty good and you set your own schedule, so you work as much or as little as you want/can.

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    Dear ndnreservation,

    First off, you don't need any luck, you have a passion for care giving and that's what will shine through. Second, with the aging population what it is today, being 47 is not that old!! Your desire to be of service to others less able bodied and in need will and is very much appreciated!! You mentioned leaving EMS due to lack of pay and growth; I don't know what your educational background is, but being a CNA doesn't pay much, either. I'm in Los Angeles, and just started a LVN program, about half my class are CNA's, one has been doing it for 12 years and I believe her highest hourly pay grade was about $12-13. In LA, that doesn't go far!!

    Depending on what part of the country you're in, and what type of facility you want to work in, the pay may be better. You may want to think about looking into LPN/LVN programs, and if you have some college or even a bachelor's degree, consider looking at doing a 2nd degree program towards a BSN for your RN license.

    On another note, speaking from a patient's perspective. I am a 40 year old bi-racial woman (who is always being asked "what are you"? in reference to my ethnicity). I just had my 6th GYN related surgery this past March, the other 7 surgeries were orthopedic in nature (years of dance, soccer and track) YES-a total of 13 procedures!! I am grateful, nothing was life threatening!! I have always, always, always respected the care I've received from nursing and allied healthcare staff based on their willingness to provide care for me (like projectile vomiting at 1AM), their positive attitude and even when stressed/over worked, their dedication. I'd be honored to have you as a caregiver!!

    There will always be people who don't accept or like you for something, but usually more that will not only LIKE you, but never forget you for the comfort, peace and care you provided.

    So, I guess it won't hurt to wish you luck!!

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    How incredibly amazing to have been a witness to them saving each other!! I TOTALLY agree, LOVE is LOVE amongst people, regardless of gender, race or ethnicity. This is one of the many reasons I'm training to be a nurse, the gift to be witness to some of life's most precious moments, the beginning and ending of life, the start of a new life together, the gift of nurses, our patients invite us into their lives and it will be my honor and pleasure to be a part of it!!