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    It does not sound like a safe environment to begin your nursing practice. I have been a nurse for a short time: about three years. I have practiced on med surg most of that time. However, I also worked in long term care and skilled nursing for a brief period of time while I was also working med surg. Skilled nursing is difficult because the level of care may be stable but the volume is more. Also, people can develop problems, just like anyone, and require immediate assistance. This means one gets way behind in caring for the 13-14 other patients under your charge. I would recommend looking for a different job before quitting this one. But also trust your gut. If the environment is not safe, it won't be safe in the long term for your nursing practice or license. The best advice I have gotten from my late Aunt (an RN for 40 years) is always protect your license. There are jobs everywhere. Good luck!

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    I am starting my third semester of nursing school and worked as a CNA for the first time this summer. I have enjoyed it very much. It has helped me learn to organize, prioritize, and overall time management. In clinical, the most patients I have been responsible for was two. At work (with nurses on the floor as well), I have been responsible for the adls of 11 patients at a time. I am glad to have the opportunity and I always try to remember that there is a person behind the task at hand. I don't refer to disposable undergarments as diapers. I think it is rude so I always just call it underwear. I don't talk down. Even with patients that can be difficult, I try to let them know I care and am gentle. If it were your loved one, you'd want them to be cared for in the same way. Now with all that being said, I am glad I am becoming a nurse but I won't forget my time as a CNA. I am going to continue working part time as a CNA while I finish school.

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    I was studying 3-4 hours every day or more. I was making Bs for most of the semester but ended up with a C+ because my last two tests were in the 70s. I get very nervous during testing; palms sweat, heart burn, etc. I do deep breathing and try to calm down but can't. I went to the doctor about my anxiety and go to a counselor but haven't found it helpful. I think it's actually gotten worse! I am in a difficult program (though I think all may be?!) and we lost many students this semester.

    Next semester we have papers that are worth 22% of our grade and I do well with writing. I can articulate myself well and get As on nursing papers. This semester the paper was worth 10%. One thing I am horrible at is rote memorization. I have never been good at it. Our classes are taught through video conferencing and I find that to be a stumbling block to my way of learning. We didn't have a study group but I think those of us left are going to get together to study next semester.

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    Well I do all that. Ha. Then come test time I do well enough to pass but not as well as I would wish to and I feel stupid afterwards because I'll be like, "Ugh, I should have known that!" Guess I'm going to have to try to figure out a way to make it work next semester. But thank you for your response.

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    I'm happy to have completed my first year of nursing school. It was hard! My grades were passing but not what I would have liked. Any tips for doing better? I get test anxiety and it seems like everything I studied goes out the window come test time.

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    That is awesome. Congratulations and best of luck!

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    Really hope you are a troll or if you're not, don't go into nursing.

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    I just wanted to update and thank you all for your responses. I saw my doctor today and she doesn't want to put me on any anxiety medication. She tends to not prescribe meds for psychiatric issues so I'm going to try therapy closer to my home! I think it's just going to end up w/ me trying to find a balance between school and the many life issues I have going on. I do have a plethora of issues w/ my parents right now (divorcing after 38 years together and putting me in the middle) SO that really ups my emotional stressors. Thanks again I love this forum!

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    These flash cards are fabulous!

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    Very nicely written.

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    Thank you for your responses. I'm calling my doctor today. I used to go to therapy regularly due to a lot of different things and was diagnosed w/ generalized anxiety. Now my therapist is 20 minutes from my house and school/ clinical is 20-25 minutes in the opposite direction. My only weekday off is Tuesday and I usually am trying to get homework, housework, and being a mom to a 12 year old girl when I am home. I have a lot of stressors aside from school and I need to talk to someone but when will I find the time? :/ I used to walk 3-7 miles a day to cope with my stress. It helped bring my cortisol levels down and released all those good hormones. But no time for that now (and too much snow outside!) :/ I am doing 2-3 miles a day with a workout video now.

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    Since starting nursing school, I have developed horrible test anxiety. The only time I had it prior to nursing courses was when I took anatomy and physiology. The thing is that I now get it afterwards too. I also get it when I chart in the computer system at clinical. "Did I forget this?" We use the bubble tests and that gives me thoughts like, "Did I put it in the right box? Did I remember to go back and fill in the right circle?" And so on. It's gotten so bad that I don't know if I can continue school without solving it. I can't go on 2.5 more semesters like this. I'm losing my mind. I've started exercising again to help with stress. I also bring a ruler during tests. It's taking up a lot of energy. I also get nervous when my clinical instructor asks me questions. My sentences get choppy and my palms begin to sweat. :/

    I used to have anxiety when I drove a car and then when I rode in a car. I still get anxious when I ride in a car. I've gone to therapy. I'm thinking I may call the doctor's office tomorrow to get medication. I just don't want it to become something I am dependent upon. Has anyone else dealt with this level of anxiety in school?

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    Thank you for sharing your story. I just want to point out that we should be compassionate to those that are not able to "pull themselves up by their boot straps." We all have our own story and battles. Some of us can handle adversity better than others. I believe psychology would call it being resilient and they don't know why some people are better equipped over other. It doesn't make us better, just perhaps more capable. I say this because I, too, had a difficult childhood. I was not abused but I did live in poverty with a father that abused drugs and alcohol. His abuse led to violence and abuse of my mother. There were other struggles as well but there were a lot of people in my life that took the time to care. They remained nonjudgmental. I think you never know if you're going to be that person to someone else. By writing about the victim mentality, we are fostering an attitude of judgment and negativity; so let's not do that. Be a light to someone else.

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    I think getting As in nursing school is doable for some people. It wasn't for me. I got an 84.25% which equals a B- in my program. I'm not happy about it but it is a rigorous program. I always strive for excellence and do my best. That's all you can do. I think Cs are okay for nursing school. I meant to add that prior to nursing school, my gpa was 3.81. I've had 2 Bs out of several semesters. It is difficult for me to accept Bs but I am trying to get over it.

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    I think it is petty of you to care. Learn to let that stuff go now before you get a job in nursing imho. Didn't nursing school teach you that life isn't always fair?