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  • Jan 17 '13

    Quote from Dizzymoose
    What was the conversion formula?

  • Jan 17 '13

    Quote from Dizzymoose

    Did you feel The Words You Should Know helped you on the test?

    I'm debating on studying the plethora of prefixes and suffixes in my study guide. Did you say it was hard to decipher the particular prefix or suffix in some of the words?
    If you study that book religiously, you'll do much better than just studying the HESI A2 Exam Review, 3rd Edition, no doubt. I flipped through the pages to familiarize myself with all the words, but I didn't study them.

    I'm pretty good with prefixes and suffixes, especially since I got over 100% in the Latin class I took as a senior in hs, not to toot my own horn. There was one word I didn't know that I thought I guessed right, but I looked it up later and saw that I hadn't. The suffix on it didn't give the meaning of the word, and if there even was a prefix, I wasn't familiar with it. And as I said in my original post, there wasn't even a sentence to derive meaning through context.