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  • Mar 15

    I must say I'm very jealous of your only 4 patients! Imagine doing that with 6-8 regularly! First of all, it DOES get easier with more practice! You get more efficient at charting, juggling, multi-tasking, etc. Second, always prioritize what's the most important thing you need to be doing right that minute. If you have a bs of 70, dr calling, pain med requested, and regular meds due then you know a bs of 70 isn't critical-have the aide take them a snack. Take the dr's call, give the pain med, then do your regular med, have aide re-check bs if that's your hospital's protocol, etc. I use sticky notes and start writing all requests I get from other people-pt's needing pain med, new orders due, etc so as I'm working my way through assessments/meds I can stop and take care of urgent issues/stat orders or take care of the issues as I go through my round of pts. Try not to get flustered and remember as long as everyone is alive it's ok. You're only one person so you can't be in 6 different places at once. If you feel you're really getting behind ask for help. Like others said it's good to group your tasks together which it sounds like you have been and charting at the bedside if possible does help because whenever I'm sitting at the nurses's station charting everyone acts like I'm taking a break (even though I'm charting) so I constantly get interrupted by family members, other nurses that want to talk or need help moving a pt, etc. Also, I've found the more time I can spend in a pt's room the less needy the pt's seem to be and are on their call light less because they feel less neglected even if I'm not actually doing anything for them at that moment. Just having that company helps and it's also nice to have their chart pulled up so when they ask about labs/tests I can check for them. I think one of the hardest things in med-surg to learn is to just go with the flow and not get bent out of shape because you don't have something done. It took me about six months to really feel efficient and there are still days I'm a step behind all day long but I no longer freak out about it. Good luck and hang in there!

  • Feb 23

    Depends! If you have great childcare the 12's are nice because you don't work every day and you can be off in the middle of the week for dr appts ,school trips or classroom help, etc. If you don't have someone who can watch your kids for 14 hours/day and need daycare then the M-F works best.

  • Nov 15 '17

    I know how you're feeling! I do understand if a teacher is in the middle of class teaching it's hard for them to just stop everything to help that student with this issue but I so wish most teachers required their students (esp the younger ones) to keep a change of clothes in their backpack. The teachers and kids act like the nurse's office is Walmart sometimes and just constantly send kids down for even tiny things with a little mud or a little ketchup on them. Of course, it always happens when you're the most busy with really serious things going on!!

  • Aug 10 '17

    Days are much busier which is why nurses don't help each other out as much-they're too busy. You have many more meds to pass, baths, 3 meals, more blood sugar checks, PT, OT, RT, pts leaving the floor for tests and surgery, dr rounds, social services, consults with all their orders, etc so it's so much crazier and harder to just find a place to sit down and chart! Night shift can be busy but not nearly as busy as days. The bad thing abt night shift is if your patient is having a problem you have to call and wake a grumpy dr up. You also have to occasionally wake grumpy pts up for surgery preps and vitals at times. It's also hard on your body and you just don't sleep as well and I always felt like I was in a fog. I've done both and my choice is days so my body doesn't have to adjust and so I can be at home all night with my kids. Plus you're usually so busy the day flies by and you get more experience doing stuff that's usually done by night and you don't have to waste a day off sleeping.I used to HATE leaving work in the morning and hear someone say "I'll see you tonight!" That always felt way too soon to come back even though it was the same amt of hours.