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    No Problem! I really wish there was a summer entry class, I have to spend the entire fall semester doing nothing but core classes just waiting to apply. Do you already have an ADN? The only option to be completly online for a BSN is the RN-BSN track, unless you were just talking about pathophys. I would send Olga an email, if Pathophys is your online class left you can complete it during the program. I understand the out-of-state situation completely I am a transfer from Colorado (back home to ID) and out-of-state here is nothing compared to there.
    Best of Luck!

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    Your golden for admission with a 4.0 pre-reqs, Olga told me you can be quaranteed admission with 3.75 or higher GPA in A&P I, II, Math, and Chem (all completed prior to admission). Microbiology, and Pathophysiology need to be completed during or before the semester you apply, I am not sure if those are what you ment by biological pathology. They are converting to the new system this semester for fall entry applicants, I would suggest talking to Olga or a peer advisor to figure out a schedule.

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    The Idaho thread seems a little dead to me, but I will give it a shot.
    I am currently a sophomore at BSU hoping to apply fall '12 for spring '13 entry.
    Has anyone heard any more news about the conversion to the new system of application? The move from 100% GPA to 60% GPA 40% experience as well as essay.
    How heavily are they going to rely on experience? I have extensive volunteer work (not in a hospital), but not work as a CNA I am trying to get some volunteer experience but no one is returning my calls or emails?
    Also had a heart dropping chat with a girl who is starting this semester and was 8th on the waitlist (but still got in) with a 3.66 that was a real ego killer for me.
    I still need to re-take stats (transfer issues joy), and I am taking Chem 101. IF and only IF I get an A in both Stats and Chem I will have a 3.56, I need some hope here seems like this process will drag on forever. A&P Grades are B and B+ (missed A- by 5 pts arggg)
    I want this so badly, the waiting game is killing me.

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    Hey Everybody!! I start microbiology on 1/17 I am at Boise State University, also taking stats and some chemistry as well.
    Getting a thread going would be great!