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    Hey Y'all! Just wondering who else is attending USF's CRNA program in August! I've submitted my intent to enroll form and am so excited! I'll be moving from NC to FL, so... does anyone know where to live in Tampa?

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    I feel like all of these nasty stories revolve around poop!

    I have one, Involving poop.

    When I was a CNA, on summer break from Nursing School I'd work on an ortho trauma unit. I was helping take care of this lady who weighed at least 600 pounds, who had a femur fx. She needed to get out of the bed and use the BSC. So me, our male charge nurse, and 3 other male nurses went into the room to get her up. I was in the middle one was in the back and the other two under her arms. I for whatever reason had my leg between her legs in case she fell... and she said, "I HAVE TO GOOO!" and I felt warm on my leg. I looked down and there was (Brown word) from my Hips to my toes, soaking my scrubs and socks/ shoes. Of course this was 9am, and I refused to leave the room until our charge nurse went to the OR and got me some scrubs. That lady had no remorse either!!

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    Thinking of you and your Boyfriend! y'all will get through this.

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    I'm sorry I just saw this reply! I think both the PCCN and the CCRN require CEUs to keep it up, Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the CCRN requires a little bit more in the realm of CEUs to keep it up, you have to have so many over the course of a couple years. It's not that big of a deal I don't think, you have to have so many anyway to keep up your license, etc. (at least in NC you have to where I am)

    I love the CCU! It's a totally different world than Surgery. Although, i do pick up from time to time in the CTICU just to keep my toes wet with surgery Its hard work, but you will never stop learning. I work in a level 1 hospital so we get the sickest of the sick waiting for transplants. We also do a lot of conscious sedation, Induced hyporthermia, Swans, balloons, Pressors, inotropes, etc.

    Just keep reading and learning as much as you can! You'll be great!

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    Hey, Don't worry! You're an ideal applicant. Regardless of what happens, Tika and Corbin will continue to love you

    Seriously though. You'll be great!

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    My vote is straight nights. We're required to rotate on my unit. I do a 2 week night / 2 week day schedule. I'm constantly messed up. For instance. I worked last night and have been up since 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I'm off until tuesday.

    Like one of my friends says, "nights are god awful on your body, but at least it's straight something, and i'll take it"

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    I used to work on CT stepdown for a year and a half or so. We had a post op A-fib protocol. it was Metop 5mg IV x3 then if it still didn't break, then amio bolus and gtt. then if THAT didn't work, we would bounce them to the unit for dccv.

    Now, in our CCU (not post op patients,but still go into rapid A-fib) we use Dilt 15mg ivx1 then a dilt gtt. it's all different every where. I noticed usually though you could break the fib with 5mg metop.

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    I just transfered from CT stepdown to CCU. I've been in CCU for about a year. Take your PCCN, then get your ICU experience and take your CCRN. You wont regret it. The more certifications you have, the better you look Good luck!

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    We hire new grads on our unit too. I'm in a CCU, future hubs is in a CVICU. I started on CT stepdown for a year and a half. Just as critical, drips, but got more time management under my belt. I remember I expressed that cardiology was my passion. Good luck!

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    Don't stress it! You're brand spankin' new and from what it seems like you're taking care of multiple patients? unless you're in an ICU setting, I'm not sure. I've only been a nurse for about 2.5 years, and I just started my job in the CCU last January. I will tell you this. I am still scared to death to come to work every day. I never know what I'm going to walk into, what kind of cattiness is going to be on my unit that day or who is going to be my neighbor next door to help me incase my patient codes.

    I will say this though. It DOES get easier! Give yourself 6 months or so ( i know it seems like forever) but you'll get more comfortable. You're still figuring out what being a nurse is! that's what your first year is all about. the second year is figuring out how to be a good nurse! You can do it!

    Now, with that being said about your narc issue, You have to stay firm and say what is what. if you're in doubt get a doctor to come into the room to speak with the patient and then go from there. I've seen lots of nurses give a second dose then go pester the doctor to give them another order. Dont' do that.

    I've also seen two separate nurses on two separate occasions infuse a bag of heparin (yes, it was team checked) in THIRTY (3-0) minutes! They got nothing but a slap on the hand and had to do a medication saftey class for the rest of our unit.

    You got it man, you can do this! Just worry about yourself and be the best nursie that you can be. Remember, this is YOUR journey!

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    Quote from Esme12
    The arenaline rush, the unpredicability, the acuity, the controlled chaos, the horror, the rewards, the pace, the constant changing scenery with different patients, different injuries.....the challenge.
    I agree, I enjoy holding sick patients like that in the palm of my hand, having pretty much complete control of my room and knowing my 1-2 patients inside and out. I love that it is fast paced,and I work in a CCU and love that no two MI's are ever the same.