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    Hi everybody,I recently made the decision to leave my job at a long term care facility. I am going to nursing school soon and I feel like I have more opportunities in a hospital setting. I just got hired at my local hospital. I will be working on the ICU. I am very excited at this new opportunity, but also very scared. I don't know what to expect. Can anybody help me out and give me an idea of what I will be doing on a daily basis? I am very eager to learn!! Thank you

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    My name would be nurse Poucket... Kinda sounds like "poke it"

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    Hi all!! I just got my acceptance letter for the fall of 2015 for the NCLC at Schoolcraft College in Michigan. I am an alternate for 2014 also. I was just wondering if anyone has a personal experience with Schoolcraft or if they know anyone who has went there. I just want to know if it is possible that I will get in sooner than 2014/2015?? And if so, how much sooner? I am just so tired of waiting but afraid to try other schools. Please help me! Thanks in advance!!