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  • Mar 13 '12

    i'm god, i don't need a colonoscopy!

  • Mar 13 '12

    oh crap I forgot your pills......

  • Mar 13 '12

    "c'mon santa, lets get you back to the psych ward"

  • Jan 24 '12

    hi everyone, i am a new grad and i havent started working yet, but i have one to share. my husband and i were talking about my cousin who was in labor. i told him that "she lost her mucus plug and started bleeding a bit, so she was on her way to the hospital." well, my husband then asks "i know a woman doesnt have her period when she is pregnant so, the mucus plug does what? holds in her menstrual flows every month because she is pregnant? man, she must have started bleeding alot, she had 9 months of blood in her!!"
    gotta love a man for thinking like that lol.

  • Jan 24 '12

    Two of my favorites that my hubby has said:

    "You should douche every week because it prevents cervical cancer. It washes away all those pre-cancerous cells"


    "Melanoma isnt caused by the sun. Its caused by friction. Thats why women should have moles removed if they are being rubbed by their bra strap."

    I didnt even have a response. I just stared at him. Arrrrrrgh.

  • Jan 24 '12

    DH can't keep any of his medication names straight...and will SWEAR to his grave he takes a certain med, in a certain dose...etc etc get the idea.

    More than once, I've had to give him the "over-the-glasses" combination "mom-and-nurse" look (you ALL know what I'm talking about) and ask him just WHO has the college degree in knowing what drugs are given for what....

    My recent favorite is how his sertraline (Zoloft) is "seralin".

    I've given UP trying to gently correct him.

  • Jan 24 '12

    a neighbor's husband was admitted for surgery and shortly thereafter, i saw another neighbor who reported on him. he'd had his foot amputated above the knee...


  • Jan 24 '12

    #1 - When my dad had a stress test done a few years ago, Mom called to say everything was ok. She said the only thing of note was that his heart rate was a little slow. I explined that in very active people like my dad, it's common for them to have a slower pulse. Mom says, "They didn't say anything about his pulse, they said his heart rate was slow!!"

    #2 - A nurse I work with had a patient's son tell her that he had taken care of his father's "section 5 decub" all by himself.

  • Jan 24 '12

    Said by my sister (who has bipolar disorder and is extremely noncompliant).

    "Well, I found that I can cure Malaria with my chicken soup for 3 days. 'Cause Mike (her DH) had it and I just dosed him up and he's cured!!!!!"

    "You see he got back when he served in Vietnam, and it keeps coming and going - Besides what else could he have possibly had, 'cause he had a fever but no vomiting or diarrhea - it had to be the Malaria."

    As a side note, she used to tell me that she "adjusted" her Lithium dose so that she could drink "just a little bit."

  • Jan 24 '12

    One of my brothers was having back pain one day and said to me "I think I have a cold in my back". After laughing hysterically, I assured him that there was no such thing. Then I said that "if you have a cold in your back is that why you've been sneezing out of your butt so much?". :chuckle

  • Jan 24 '12

    Quote from diawc
    My sister, who is a MA, often has "almost" something......
    Last year it was "almost" pneumonia
    Her son, btw, also has "almost" cystic fibrosis!

    Almost pneumonia...did you tell her in medical terms its called a cold?